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IOST: AIOU’s Charity Information Disclosure Platform, Collabs with MME, Zug City Council, Crypto Valley Association and University of Zurich, Cooperation with ROAD

Biweekly update 29th January — 12th February


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OST vs CoronaVirus: AIOU’s Charity Information Disclosure Platform Officially Launched

China is struggling to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus. The epidemic is affecting billions of people in China and beyond. IOST is fully aware of its social responsibility and deeply cares about the epidemic in Wuhan.

IOST wants to improve Transparency for charities using blockchain technology. As blockchain is a decentralized public ledger, by recording all donations on this ledger, donors and recipients can be effectively connected and everyone can check the flow of donated materials.

Moreover, the use of blockchain smart contracts can solve problems such as complex processes and black box operations in traditional charity projects. All the terms and execution process of the smart contract are formulated in advance and carried out under the absolute control of the system. Smart contracts can efficiently update real-time donation information and accurately execute each donation.

Aiou Information Disclosure Platform

Numerous institutions are on the Aiou information disclosure platform. Whenever some particular or an organization wishes to donate materials or funds to a certain institution, they just need to register on the platform and then they will be able to see the all donation details and also material reception & distribution processes details.

More infirmation is here


Check out this article: IOST Comparison Series: IOST vs Ethereum

In this article IOST is compared to to the leading blockchain platform, Ethereum. Its main purpose is to provide an honest and accurate comparison of the most progressive blockchains taking into account the following characteristics: scalability, decentralization, security, virtual machine design and Smart Contract capabilities, developer tools and support and DApps. Find out about the main advantages of IOST.

Social encounters

IOST Strikes Cooperation Deals with Prominent Local Partners in Switzerland


On Jan 27, Terry, co-founder of IOST, Makoto, Head of IOST Japan, Takashi from node partner PHI, Dr. Andreas Furrer from MME and the staff of the Swiss Embassy in Japan held a business meeting. MME is one of the top 10 law firms in the blockchain industry. The staff of the Swiss Embassy in Japan also specially traveled from Japan back to Switzerland to facilitate the organization of this meeting.

Dr. Andreas Furrer explained in detail how blockchain companies can enter the Swiss market, and discussed the possibilities and processes related to IOST’s launch on the Swiss Exchange. A listing on the Swiss Exchange will greatly enhance IOST’s brand equity and positioning within the crypto industry.

IOST X Zug City Council & Crypto Valley Association

On the afternoon of Jan 27, IOST team had a business discussion with the Swiss Zug government and the head of the Crypto Valley Association.

At the meeting, Terry introduced the IOST project and its application prospects to the Zug government. Mr. Roman Weiss of the Swiss Zug Government and Mr. Martin Berweger of the Crypto Valley Association introduced the preferential policies of establishing a branch in Zug to IOST and provided relevant suggestions for IOST’s entry into the Swiss market.

IOST x University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is located in Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, and is a world-renowned state research university founded in 1833. The school established a Blockchain Center (BCC) consisting of 15 professors, focusing on knowledge creation and sharing on blockchain and related technologies.

The cooperation between IOST and the University of Zurich will focus on three aspects:

  • data research on blockchain platforms,
  • offline technological discussions,
  • academic exchanges.

At the meeting, IOST reached a cooperation with the University of Zurich. In the future, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation around three aspects of data research on the blockchain platform, offline technical discussions, and academic exchanges.

BCC will conduct research on the IOST blockchain platform and collect relevant data such as TPS, Servi Behavior and PoB mechanism. In Q2 2020, IOST will visit the University of Zurich BCC again to hold an IOST technical seminar and a workshop based on IOST smart contracts. In addition, Takashi, partner of IOST node PHI, will join the University of Zurich in July for academic exchanges.

IOST will continue to expand across the European markets with Switzerland as a launchpad in the future.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from )

IOST Exceeded 200 Million Network Transactions!

Since its launch on February 25, 2019, the IOST mainnet has grown rapidly in all significant facets: DApps, mainnet accounts and mainnet transactions. By Feb 12, 2020, the number of transactions on the IOST blockchain officially exceeded 220 million, reaching 220 994 529 as of the time of writing.

Thanks to the unique PoB consensus mechanism, the IOST mainnet can provide high scalability while maintaining high levels of decentralization & security, allowing thousands of transactions to be performed in a single second. This provides a solid technical background and credentials for IOST to expand its business development with governments and enterprises.

Block Height

There is a correlation between the block height and the speed with which the blockchain processes transactions. In the same time period, the higher the block height and the more transactions contained in one block, the faster the transaction processing speed is.

On February 12th, 2020, the IOST mainnet block has exceeded block height of 61 million, reaching 61,490,799 as the time of writing.The actual block height of IOST has far surpassed the block height of other mainnets in the same period after mainnet deployment.

Contracts Deployment

As of February 12th, 2020, the number of on-chain contract deployments on IOST mainnet reached 671, a five-fold increase compared to 6 months ago.

IOST will continue to work hand in hand with developers and our community to jointly build the world’s leading decentralized, high-speed blockchain network for global adoption.

OST Staking Guide Via iWallet: Discover An Easy Way to Stake IOST

IOST is one of those ecosystems, which aims at empowering and supporting online services with scalable, efficient and secure technology.

A step-by-step instruction related to the IOST staking process

Step 1: Account Creation Process

Mostly, IOST tokens can be staked via different mobile wallets that can be found on the official project’s website. At the moment there’s only one solution called iWallet which allows staking IOST on a desktop computer. It comes as a Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the Google Play.

  • Once you install the iWallet extension, click on the ‘Create an account at a third-party platform’ You will be transferred to the IOST account creation page, where you have to choose the desired wallet name.
  • Check the safety instructions box and proceed further. To create an account you have to send 150 IOST tokens to the ‘iostcreator’ address and only 10 IOST will be burned for account creation.
  • Ensure that you have a correct memo when sending IOST tokens from an exchange or wallet to the aforementioned address.
  • Once a transaction will be confirmed on the blockchain, proceed further and write down your private key which can be used later to restore account access.
  • Before you stake IOST you need to buy so-called ‘i-Ram’ which will be spent as a network resource for your financial operation. You have to spend at least 2–3 IOST to acquire sufficient number of i-RAM to stake, which floats around 300–500 bytes. To do that, simply click on the i-Ram section in your wallet. Choose the desired amount and submit your request.

Step 2: Actual Staking Process

  • Open the IOSTABC website to choose a validator that you want to stake for. Your wallet should automatically authenticate on the website.
  • Click on the ‘Producer Vote’ section.
  • Enter the ‘Attic Lab’ into the search bar and simply click on the ‘Vote For It’ button.
  • In the pop-up menu choose the desired amount of IOST that you want to stake.
  • Confirm your intent to perform this financial operation.

You have successfully staked your IOST.

A quick tutorial video for you to create a free IOST account, transfer $IOST, IRC-20 tokens, and NFTs as well as exploring IOST dApps on Jetstream Chrome Extension Wallet.

Jetstream: Chrome Extension Wallet


IOST 2020 Development Plan

In 2020, IOST will continue to improve on:

  • the Node Program,
  • staking mechanism,
  • Dapp ecosystem,
  • cross-chain technology,
  • mass adoption,
  • compliance development,
  • government-enterprise cooperation.

First quarter development

IOST will upgrade the Node Program incentive mechanism. In order to ensure the rights and interests of the tier 1 and 2 partner nodes, they will readjust the reward ratio of each tier and limit the number of partners. Node Program v2.0 will be released in February, and a partner node meeting will be held for detailed interpretation at that time.

On the tech side, IOST will complete the cross-chain version 1.0 layout and launch the Staking economy 3.0 to make the partner nodes and users’ votes more profitable.

Compliance is the focus of this year. On Q1 IOST will start the compliance process in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries. In addition, IOST will hold offline meetings in 23 cities around the world.

On the ecosystem side, IOST will launch 3 top-level featured DApps in Q1 to make the ecosystem richer and attract strong players to join our network. In 2020 the team will focus on improving services and deliver a better experience for our users.

Second quarter development:

IOST will accelerate the expansion of our Partners Program to 30 key countries around the world, to form an ecosystem with global connectivity and healthy competition. The team will continue ther mission to fulfill compliance standards in South Korea, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries, develop partnership with at least 5 top global enterprises, build a new community ecosystem, conduct campaigns and popularize blockchain application tools in 80 universities worldwide.

Check out a summary of the presentations by 13 leading nodes such as Metanyx, TokenPocket, BlackPool, BitBoy, BEPAL, Liebi, EverSystem, INFUN, Unseen Magic, Blockchain & Game Teahouse, IOST BEST Node,

Partnerships and team members

IOST cooperation with ROAD to boost the application of Internet of Vehicles

Being an efficient, reliable, and technology-driven public chain project, IOST is paying close attention to the application of blockchain technology in the field of Internet of Vehicles which has received widespread attention in recent years. Blockchain technology can solve the problem of the high demand for Data authenticity, and coordinate the interests of various transaction units, which will change the current status of IoV data trading.

The two sides have negotiated on the opening of automotive data from ROAD to IOST Ecology. ROAD will assist IOST in establishing a decentralized IoV node and open APIs to the IOST network. In the future, there will be a large amount of data interaction between the two parties. Traditional payment services on ROAD will be open to smart contracts on IOST.

At present, IOST aims to build a world-class blockchain technology infrastructure; Through this cooperation with ROAD, it will help IOST and the automotive industry chain to jointly build a blockchain application ecological scenario to serve the global automotive industry and users.

About ROAD

ROAD is a blockchain project focused on the Internet of Vehicles incubated by INT Chain. It is deeply immersed in the development and application of the Internet of Vehicles system based on blockchain technology in the 5G network environment. They attempt to create a full lifecycle interaction and accounting system for vehicles based on blockchain technology, which is called auto-ledger. The auto-ledger is an Internet of Vehicles and intelligent transportation system built on individual interaction and community intelligence to implement related business applications, data authenticity and privacy protection with blockchain. Meanwhile, the ROAD Token is created to coordinate the resource exchange between the vehicle nodes and the heterogeneous chains.

Learn more about ROAD and their technology by visiting their official website

On January 27, IOST Foundation successfully hosted the offline DAO-themed event at CV Labs in Zug, which attracted more than 40 blockchain industry peers. IOST co-founder Terry also attended the event. He introduced the technical advantages, developer-friendliness, and ecosystem of the IOST blockchain to the participants, as a conclusion of the event.

The main topic of the discussion was the “DAO” namely its governance, election mechanisms, and mass adoption.

At the event, Yannik, co-founder and CTO of ditCraft, introduced the concept of ditCraft.

Afterwards, GUILD project leader Oka Takashi and technical director Rysuke introduced the GUILD project to the audience at the event.

DitCraft and Vault Wines expressed that they would like to further cooperate with IOST. DitCraft team will join the IOST ecosystem as a partner and deploy the ditCraft project on top of the IOST network. In addition to that, Vault Wines expressed their intention to cooperate with IOST in wine anti-counterfeiting and product traceability. IOST will use its traceability technology to to protect brand reputation, product quality and consumer rights for Vault Wines.

In the future, IOST will also cooperate with more European governments and enterprises to accelerate the development of global markets.


Other related news:

IOST (IOST) Foundation Push for European Expansion with ditCraft and Vault Wines Alliance


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