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Parsa Saljoughian
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Parsa.vc Community —

Thanks for being a part of the Parsa.vc community. As someone who’s passionate about helping direct-to-consumer startups grow, I’m excited to announce that starting today, I’m offering paid advisory sessions to discuss a range of topics that are essential to the success of your startup.

How Can I Help?

Are you currently asking any of the following questions or in need of help with any of these topics?

  1. Do you know if you have achieved product-market fit? What metrics are you using to measure it?
  2. How are you currently tracking and analyzing your KPIs? How should you think about north star metrics?
  3. What is your current customer retention rate, and where does it benchmark vs other companies? What is good vs great?
  4. Have you considered different pricing strategies for your product or service? Do you even have the right pricing model?
  5. Are there any particular challenges or obstacles you are currently facing in growing your startup?
  6. How are you measuring and optimizing your unit economics? Which metrics do investors care about?
  7. How should you balance growth vs profitability in the current market environment?
  8. Have you considered different revenue growth strategies? What is the ceiling of growth? When will you hit the subscription wall?
  9. How are you currently approaching fundraising for your startup? How should you design your pitch deck?
  10. How should you engage with your board effectively?

Unique Experience

As someone who has spent over a decade in both investment and operational roles, with a specific focus on growth, strategy, finance, and analytics, I possess a unique perspective that can help you tackle challenges and accomplish your objectives from both inside and outside of your startup.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

If you’re interested in connecting, simply visit this link to book a 30-minute meeting. Thank you again for being a part of the Parsa.vc community.



Parsa Saljoughian

vp strat fin @whoop | former vc @ivp, growth pm @snap | studied @stanfordgsb, @cal

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