What is Pathfinder and how can it help you?

We built a software-based marketing employee with AI. Here’s why e-commerce marketing teams should take notice.

Dan Stearn
Jun 19 · 5 min read

What is Pathfinder? 🤖

We’re calling Pathfinder an AI marketing employee and it’s now ready for Shopify and Magento merchants to hire. We built it because we wanted to help independent online stores stay competitive against the big machine (amazon, jet.com, etc…), and because we believed in the potential for a new and better way to get marketing done.

How can it help me grow sales? 🚀

When you think about it, e-commerce marketing has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. It’s now more technical and data-driven than ever before, but the way we humans work with all this complexity hasn’t really kept pace.

We’re still doing things the old fashioned way, all by ourselves — writing every email, designing every customer journey, guessing what people will respond to, and generally using brute force to keep up.

As a result we’re working more hours than ever before. We’re also missing big opportunities to grow our sales.

For example, if we were to sample 100 owner operated e-commerce stores at random, how many do you suppose have…

A marketing funnel mapped out like this?

A reliable and repeatable process for acquiring new customers like this?

A proper system for reducing abandoned carts like this?

A “scientific” method for increasing customer satisfaction, reviews and referrals like this?

A carefully thought out, automatic upsell funnel like this?

A proactive and automated strategy for winning back lost customers like this?

The answer? Not nearly enough.

The reason why is NOT because their marketing staff are not smart enough. Most marketers I know are very intelligent people who intuitively understand the need for systems like these and are frustrated about the missed opportunities of not having them in their businesses.

No. The real reasons many e-commerce businesses lack these essential marketing campaigns are that:

  • Marketing teams are too busy
  • Implementation is too complicated
  • They take too long to set up and manage
  • There’s a big up front financial cost

Pathfinder cures this immediately 🚑

The good news is that Pathfinder can design, build and manage all of these campaigns for you, uniquely for your business, and in the style of your brand.

When you hire Pathfinder:

  • Pathfinder does the work for you (here’s how)
  • No technical skills are necessary
  • Campaign creation takes minutes not months
  • There’s no risk — Pathfinder starts working for free

And by the way, Pathfinder really does build and manage these campaigns for you. This is not about telling you how to do it or giving you a bunch of cookie-cutter templates to customise… Pathfinder designs all of the campaigns and creative in the style of your brand, then monitors their results and makes improvements to boost ROI. It is completely turn-key.

What’s the catch? 👀

When we built Pathfinder, the dream was to democratise e-commerce marketing and deliver real value up front before you decide if you want to pay for it or not.

If it works well and you want to upgrade to a more powerful version, the idea was you could just pay it a small fee out of the profits it has already made you and everybody would be happy.

We thought long and hard about how we could do this in practice, and here’s what we settled on:

  1. Pathfinder’s free plan is free forever. The free plan allows you to hire Pathfinder for 2 jobs (we call them skills) and does marketing for up to 4,000 email contacts.
  2. After that, if you want to hire Pathfinder for more jobs and service more contacts, plans start at $179 for unlimited skills and 10k contacts.
  3. Additional contacts cost $99 extra per 10k, and there’s also a Pro plan which gives you advanced features that enterprise businesses use for an extra $170 per month.
  4. You’ll be given 2 months for free with an annual commitment, but otherwise plans roll monthly and you can go back to the free version at any time if Pathfinder stops delivering.

What’s the next step? 👇

If you own or operate a Shopify or Magento store and are looking for a quick-and-easy way to to give your sales engine some rocket fuel, Pathfinder is for you.

Click here to create a free account and be up and running in less than a minute. No card details required, and no commitment is necessary.

Once you’re inside, connect your store, answer a few simple questions, and see if you like the campaigns Pathfinder designs for you.

Within 15 minutes you can have your first few campaigns up and running. From there, make changes if you want, and when you’re happy, push the button to set the campaigns live. That’s all there is to it. Pathfinder will then keep an eye on performance, report back results, and suggest improvements over time based on what’s working and what’s not.

Here’s a short video showing you how it works:

And here’s the link to the registration page where you can create a free account:

See you on the other side :)

Hire Pathfinder for free today and give your marketing team superpowers!


Voices, growth hacks and musings from the people behind Pathfinder

Dan Stearn

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Founder & CEO @ Pathfinder. Building an AI marketing employee that does marketing for us humans. https://pathfindercommerce.com


Voices, growth hacks and musings from the people behind Pathfinder