Search for Locations

If you are already familiar with Pathshare Meeting Points and Geo Triggers, then you will 😍 our latest update.

When meeting friends, it may come in handy to define a spot where to meet exactly. This holds when you want to pick someone up with the car or if you decide to meet at a bar.

Search for a place and set a meeting point

Set a Meeting Point

Now setting the new meeting point is as easy as you would expect.

  1. Open a Pathshare session with your friends
  2. Search for the place (this can be the name or the address of the place)
  3. Set as meeting point. The point automatically gets distributed to all your friends maps immediately.
Set as meeting point after searching for a point of interest

Hope you like our makeover of the user interface to search and set points of interest and addresses for meeting points and geo fences. Looking forward to your feedback to