Work Reimagined : New ways to Collaborate Safer, Smarter and Simpler with G Suite

In a recent blogpost published by the G Suite team, Google produced a stunningly beautiful video that not only captures our everyday hustles in the day day of our jobs, it depicted precisely why G Suite is made and is all ready for such moments. In a stunning video dubbed “G Suite — Work Reimagined” , Google went out to show how G Suite’s various productivity and collaborative tools are just the right tools for your business. By Re-imagining work through the use of the new Gmail Launched Smart Compose features as well as new security features the use Google Chats, Google Docs, Sheets, Presentation , mobile ready access as well as Video Conferencing with voice command support for Hangouts Meet , G Suite really delivered on work re-imagination.

Screengrab from the Work reimagined video; Source Youtube:

Enjoy the Video:

G Suite allows your teams to Work Faster, Collaborate better and access your company data anywhere securely, all through the power of Google Cloud. One of the reasons why G Suite is able to deliver real transformation to businesses is that it’s simple to use and adopt. G Suite was born in the cloud and built for the cloud, which means real-time collaboration is effortless. This is why more than a billion people rely on G Suite apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive and more in their personal lives.