Tech Update December 2018: Paytomat Rules

Hi! Normally all companies try to release and boast of their annual reports at the end of the year. You should know that we’re not like everyone else. Of course, Paytomat will summarize the results of 2018 and will also keep the community up to date with our achievements, figures and everything else usually shown in annual reports. However before that, we could not but share some small interim results and things that have happened since our last update. Sit back and get ready to briefly go through the work we’ve been doing for the last two months.

The Market

Let’s start with the main one. Those who have been following our project for a long time know that Paytomat initially planned to conduct a crowdfunding fundraising, and the token sale opening was penciled for December. But the market, as always, has made its own adjustments. It doesn’t make sense for us to once again remind you about the current situation.

Given this, we decided to develop our own rules and model for entering the market. PTI tokens were distributed without a token sale and are already being traded on exchanges. At the moment, PTI is listed on six exchanges. You can find a detailed list of them (and the nuances of working with these exchanges) here:

In addition, we have a special offer for all users who managed to register in our Whitelist. What we grant is a special price of 0.00154 mBTC per PTI with a 10% bonus for each purchase. This promotion is valid until 12/25/2018.

The second important piece of news from the past month is Paytomat entering the US market. This is an important event since this region is at the forefront of introducing all the new technologies. Our successful appearance here was the result of a partnership with the American Nightlife Association, which brings almost 30,000 merchants together . First landing sites of our arrival were two bars, in two strategically important US cities. They are Insomnia cafe in Los Angeles and the Radiant Room in New York. Each of them will now gladly accept payments in your favorite crypto. Moreover, we’ve partnered also with American Restaurant Association, so Paytomat will appear in your favorite US restaurants as well.

The Development

We continue to move towards a comprehensive improvement of all our products. As data shows, Paytomat Wallet gradually acquires features of a hub. Thanks to these new functions the end user can quickly interact with the Paytomat “native” ecosystem as well as work with any products of the crypto-world.

What’s new:

  • EOS and ERC20 tokens were added;
  • Support for Digibyte, Horizon, and BitCore;
  • Cryptocurrency management on main screen;
  • The ability to create a 12 digit unique name in EOS account;
  • The opportunity to send NEM-messages when transferring crypto to other users;
  • We allowed users to make their crypto addresses public;
  • Improved biometric verification;
  • The ability to bind an EOS account to decentralized exchanges using QR-code.

Take a closer look to the last point in the list. It opens up the world of EOS-based decentralized exchanges for our users. Their main difference is that only you have access to the funds, and your account, basically, becomes your wallet. There is no need to transfer assets or worry about the fact that the exchange can be hacked.

Besides we have some news for business as well. Since last month, Paytomat core has implemented support for payments using the Lightning Network. This technology allows almost instant transactions in Bitcoin, which is famous for its not the fastest blockchain. You can read more about this project that we’ve implemented with our partners from Bitfury Group here:

The Networking

Everything here remains unchanged. We continue to cooperate with interesting teams, the network, and visit most important industry events. You had the chance meet someone from our team at the GITEX Future Stars in Dubai, at the EOS World Tour event in Seoul, LA Crypto Invest Summit, The World Blockchain Summit, and on the Malta Blockchain Summit. We recommend watching videos from these events for a more detailed introduction to our principles and ideas.

Besides you can congratulate us once again on winning the prize at the Berlin hackathon among blockchain startups.


A little bit about the pleasant, namely, the free assets — our own and ones from market colleagues. Last month, we introduced a practice to encourage active users of our wallet with small airdrops. What we do is choose one of the projects submitted to Paytomat Wallet and together with our partners pay out small amounts of tokens or coins to users fulfilling requirements. So, if you want a nice free bonus, do not hesitate to read about it in our official telegram groups.

Plus, you can take part in more serious events. We launched several projects with partner exchanges after PTI has successfully entered the market. Surprisingly, the first Airdrop of 1,000,000 PTI, which could be obtained by registering on the exchange, ended in less than two weeks. The current big competition is being held on the NewDex exchange, and its terms can be found here:

Last but not least, a kind reminder: fraudsters have become very active recently. They can claim to be admins, community managers or even CEO’s. We NEVER reach to anyone personally via Telegram with individual offers and NEVER ask anyone to send us money!

We DO NOT use the @Paytomat_Official account for personal correspondence. Instead, we use a secured system of and DEX’s that can’t be compromised.