Persona — 15th April Update

Please find below the latest news on Persona for the last two weeks:

Mainnet migration to ARK V2

Our last week’s attempt to do a test migration to ARK 2.1 has failed due to backward incompatibilities between the data models from ARK v1 and ARK v2.1. So this week we have performed multiple migration scenarios on mainnet copies. This is how we discovered several limitations regarding the version 2.2 of Ark and some inconsistencies in the documentation.

For example, for the snapshot creation, we had two choices: either we would have created a snapshot and have it distributed to the delegates or have the delegates creating their own snapshots but this would have brought new risks, meaning that it would have been possible to have snapshots with different block heights.

We’ve spent the weekend working on a script that crawls the database and it gets triggered when the cutoff block is reached and makes a snapshot.

We have, however, gathered extensive documentation for the Persona v2 node installation and for the migration from v1, which will be used by the delegates during the live migration process.

V2 Identity Wallet Development

We continued the process of integrating the identity management module in Ark v2 by finalizing the research phase and streamlining the local deployments and builds. Additionally, we started to migrate some of the basic APIs on v2, around attribute and attribute type management, with backward compatibility to v1 as a major point of emphasis.

For the next week, the focus continues to be on integrating attribute management APIs and business logic, as well as starting to build unit and integration tests on the v2 framework and deploying them in continuous delivery pipelines.

Once finished, the Identity Wallet will enter also into a stage of re-designing to be in-line with the website new design (the current look & feel was built just to accommodate the integration tests with our partners).

Website Design

In the mean time , we’re continuing the development at our new website, with the new look and feel.

Digital Identity Meetup by Disrupt Network

On April 23rd, we’ll be in Frankfurt am Main, talking about Persona and digital identity. If you are in the area, you are more than welcomed.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget that the applications for the Persona Ambassador Program are open until end of the month.