Phantasma Wallet Tutorials

Welcome to the Phantasma wallet tutorials. These tutorials will guide you step by step through basic wallet functionality as well as seamless cross chain asset swapping to ensure a smooth user experience using our wallet Poltergeist and Ecto.

Mind that if you do not have a Phantasma wallet or wallet address yet, we recommend starting out by downloading the wallet of your choice — Poltergeist for a standalone desktop wallet application that’s also available for Android, or our browser extension wallet Ecto which has that familiar Metamask feeling for Ethereum users.

For a quick guide on wallet creation, backing up private keys and other basic things, check out the Poltergeist and Ecto basic functionality tutorials. When you are comfortable with the basics, head over to the cross chain swapping tutorials and perform user friendly blockchain magic.

Explore next level features,

The Phantasma Team




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