12 months of Planet 4

One year. Funny how quickly time goes by, while busy in planning, aligning, assessing, collecting, cross-checking, dreaming, organizing and reporting. What struck me, though, is that for a newbie in the world of web projects like me, the last 12 months have been mostly dedicated to learning. From the release of the Planet 4 treasure map, I came across a range of language, terminology, methodology, areas of work and vision I was never exposed to in any of the previous projects I led.

Working in an open way and with a remote and dispersed team, especially, looked like the biggest challenges at first, but quickly turned into a real value added, which I am sure will make Planet 4 a pioneer initiative in terms of diversity, inclusion and openness, for Greenpeace. We all had to get out of our comfort zone (me first, I never worked with all the project documentation in a public folder!), but looking back it’s good to see that this new approach works, that we all constantly learn, that people empowerment pays back.

In over 360 days, the team and a bunch of fantastic contributors went through Discovery, Concept and (working on it!) Design, constantly looking for feedback and input to make Planet 4 better, stronger and suitable to what we believe will serve as inspiration to change the way people do online activism.

The Planet 4 Design mindmap, by Natasja

The next 360 days will be even busier: we are committed to deliver the P4 Minimum Loveable Product in October (the international website), before rolling it out to all the Greenpeace offices that need it. To make this happen, the product design will have to be approved, the content strategy shaped, the systems’ integrations explored, the standard KPIs ready for collection and the full product development completed. Beyond that, to support global implementations in 2018, the development team will have to be fully operational, a full-proof rollout plan and methodology will have to be agreed, and a plan for continuous improvement accurately shaped.

Exciting times ahead, then. If you haven’t already, join the team, tweet your thoughts using #GPP4, get regular mail updates via the Google Group, apply for one of the vacancies, post your comment here below or simply bookmark the Wiki page, every action counts.

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