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3 min readJun 28, 2024

Game on! Season Zero of ExoGP is officially open and we couldn’t be more excited. Seeing a variety of owned Exos out on the tracks battling for glory has been the highlight of, not only the week, but the entire year for the Planet Atmos team. We celebrated with a community Game Night full of ExoGP, giveaways, and competitive banter. We also hosted a Space on X (Twitter) to talk about Season Zero and our partnership with Immutable, as well as what’s next for Planet Atmos.

Season Zero

Last week, we launched ExoGP Season Zero to our MKIV Genesis Exo holders. Our core community members were already waiting at the starting line before the doors even opened. Everyone loved seeing their own Exos in their personal garage and in action on the track. The music was given high praise from our racers and the updates to the controls were immediately recognized for their smoothness and agility. And the updated imagery in the game really showed off what our art team is capable of while bringing more elements of the world we’re building into focus.

You can still qualify to participate in Season Zero by picking up any Genesis Exo from a secondary market, such as Magic Eden, joining the Planet Atmos Discord, and verifying ownership in the portal. See you in the skies, Pilot!

Gamers Be Gamin’

With ExoGP out in the wild, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than hosting an ExoGP game night for our community to race and watch, with plenty of prizes and bragging rights to boot, of course. On Thursday, ExoGP Game Night kicked off on its maiden voyage, and there was much rejoicing.

We consulted with the almighty ducks, once again, to determine our giveaway winners for the event. We handed out exclusive gameplay access codes as well as a brand new MKIV Genesis Exo for Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrots, who seems to have personally willed that win into reality. Our 2nd place Pilot from Canyon Blitz, Rush, took home the big virtual trophy from the night and has earned the Game Night Champion role in Discord. This is a coveted title that must be defended at the next Game Night.

Think you’ve got what it takes to take on Rush? Join us next time for Game Night #2 and show us what you got. There will be prizes and giveaways available for the fastest pilots and for participation. We understand that timing and timezones don’t always align and we intend to change up the days and times of these events in order to give everyone an easy opportunity to participate regardless of their location


We hosted a Season Zero Spaces to lay out all the details and drop some alpha about ExoGP and Season Zero for those in attendance. We also talked about our partnership with Immutable and how that relationship benefits Planet Atmos and our community as was described in our last community update. Mizzy was in attendance, so there was plenty of trash talking and competitive spirit in the mix as well. Unfortunately, Twitter seems to have rugged us and the event wasn’t recorded.

The biggest takeaway from this discussion was our exciting partnership with Immutable and how their seamless integration of Web3 mechanics supports our overall goal of making ExoGP and Planet Atmos as fun, friendly, and frictionless as possible for all of our citizens.

Community Highlight

For this week’s community callout, we want to give a shout to all of our Game Night participants. We had so much fun racing and chatting with our fellow Citizens this week and we can’t wait to do it all over again soon. It was great to see that, while there were some obvious leaders, like Rush & Whiskey, even the folks who had little to no experience with the game were able to pick it up and stay relevant on the tracks.



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