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Project update — April 2019

A reminder

  1. Give digital service units resources to help them build good platforms
  2. Test ways of explaining the value and implications of digital platforms to politicians and policymakers
  3. Identify the important parts of platform government and develop a common language for talking about it
  4. Start a conversation about the institutional, societal and democratic implications of digital platforms in government and beyond



  1. Understanding who your users are
  2. How to identify platforms

Government as a Platform, the hard problems

  1. Part 1 — Introduction
  2. Part 2 — Design of services & public policy

Other long-form writing

Definitions and shared language


  • “Helping to fill that gap [in policy and technology choices around digital identity and infrastructure], as Platform Land is doing, is a serious global public service”
  • “Oh wow the PlatformLand newsletter is terrific and basically unique.”

Mapping platforms

  1. Cross-government registers, shared components and open APIs
  2. Design systems and standards
  3. Service standards and other technical standards

Presentations and teaching



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