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VNUE, Kokku Announce Joint Venture For Metaverse Events

VNUE, a disruptive music technology company focused on revenue opportunities and rights management for artists, and Kokku, South America’s largest gaming and entertainment co-development firm, today announced the formation of a joint venture providing entertainers and their teams all the tools and services needed to streamline the production, management, promotion, and execution of metaverse experiences.

The VNUE Icon Program (“VIP”) is a one-stop hub for clients to easily engage with stage and lighting designers, animators, promotion executives, licensing & rights clearance experts, and more.

This joint venture is Phase Two of a recently announced partnership between VNUE, Inc. (OTC: VNUE) and Kokku to build the first ever persistent multi-stage music & entertainment festival experience to Roblox’s 50+ Million active daily users worldwide.

Since its formation, VNUE has built a substantial catalog of music-related IP such as StageIt, and Soundstr, the company’s Music Recognition Technology platform (MRT). Kokku is the developer best known for its work on AAA games such as Guerrilla’s Horizon franchise, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War, and Premium Roblox Experiences including Samsung’s Space Tycoon, Warner’s Wonder Woman: The Themyscyra Experience and Netflix’s Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall.

In offering every facet of a true metaverse event production house, VIP will deliver live and recorded performances within multi-dimensional, experiential virtual worlds, and will track musical performances with VNUE’s Soundstr MDM platform, to ensure rights holders are properly compensated.

VIP’s first combined-services project will launch in Q1 of 2023, providing services to artists who want to participate in the VNUE festival environment.

VIP’s services will be available in-full or via à la carte options. The Roblox festival and multi-stage virtual experience will offer a permanent, persistent festival environment with customizable stages for entertainers to take up virtual residencies, while VIP will power independently commissioned events that utilize repeatable, scalable, and highly creative teams and processes.

VNUE CEO Zach Bair said:

“The metaverse is a complex environment and presenting music and entertainment in this world on a persistent, turn-key basis is no mean feat. This is what our JV is all about. On Roblox, VNUE basically owns the “real estate” — the stages, festival and the environment –- and VIP will provide expansive services to those who wish to utilize it. Leveraging our background as a renowned music-tech company, with our core team members all having spent decades at the highest levels of the music business both in the “live” world and in the label world, we have the knowledge and experience to translate the “real world” music business to the metaverse, and we are completely stoked to partner with global and well-known developer Kokku to offer artists the advanced technology and amazing graphical experiences needed to truly entertain in the metaverse.”

Jim King, COO of VNUE Inc. states:

“Major headliners have hosted successful events in the metaverse but there’s a clear need to demystify and expedite the production process, increase earning opportunities for major and emerging performers, engage fans consistently, and offer advertisers added-value through naming rights, in-world activations, and branding. For the metaverse to ‘deliver’ on all its promises, there has to be a well-defined and efficiently executed production process for entry. This is what we’re building.”

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