PlayGame Lands Support and Strategic Funding From TRON

PlayGame, one of the fastest growing blockchain-powered direct-to-play gaming platform has announced that it has landed an undisclosed investments from TRON, a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that aims to build a worldwide free content entertainment system.

Established in June 2018, PlayGame aims to overcome the hurdles standing in the way of game developers about the lack of transparency, piracy issues, inefficient payment calculation and distribution. Featuring a smart contract platform that allows game publishers, developers, crypto-enthusiasts, and gaming communities around the world to monetise the use of cryptocurrencies without a single deduction to their revenue, the platform will put game developers and gamers at ease as they can secure that all activities and transactions are transparent.

The gaming industry provides huge opportunities for cryptocurrencies, beginning with the massive gaming audience available for crypto-platforms. PlayGame’s entry into the gaming market affirms the open doors in the industry, and has led the way for more crypto-gaming initiatives elsewhere.

PlayGame’s Founders visited TRON office

TRON’s investment to PlayGame will accelerate the company’s roadmap to launch its Proof of Play and crypto payment gateway as well as assist its expansion plans in South East Asia, Japan, Korea, China and other key-growth markets in the mission to introduce the blockchain-gaming to the next millions of new people. In addition, the funding will not only bring in additional financial support, but also provide access to building partnership and alliances with strategic partners.

Recently TRON has also announced the launch of a $100 million blockchain gaming fund in an aim to speed up the integration of cryptocurrencies with gaming over the next three years. The fund will go the establishment of the TRON Arcade, which will empower developers to generate more ideas and transform these into actual games. TRON is confident that gaming will lead blockchain mass adoption as developers gain better access to resources and crypto-platforms acquire more users.

Since the investment, PlayGame has now completed their mission to achieve product/market fit validation. To date, PlayGame have successfully reached these milestones for their product:

  • Competitions in PlayGame are dominated by paid competitions, over 67% of them.
  • PlayGame competitions has an average of 272 PXG pool prize with its biggest yet at 500,000 PXG.
  • PlayGame competitions have 2x more players playing in paid competitions compared to free competitions.
  • There are on average 9.7 players participating in competitions.
  • 59% of all players in PlayGame have PXG on their account.

Stay tuned for a feature packed Q1 2019 from PlayGame!

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