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Playing Games with God
How to Avoid Shallow Youth Ministries and Find a Biblical Group for Your Kids
Note from the editor

Just like all schools are not the same, all youth groups are not the same. But how can parents know that their kids are going to a good, Biblical youth ministry? And what makes a group “Biblical”? In “Playing Games with God,” Sam Magdalein lays out a simple framework that parents can use when searching for and examining a youth group for their teens. But what about modern youth ministries? Parents may have a feeling that something is wrong in these churches, but can’t quite put their finger on the problem. Sam includes a thorough examination of the foundations, philosophies, drivers, and everyday practices of modern youth groups. Using numerous quotes from youth ministry seminary textbooks, lessons plans from youth ministry conferences, ministry resource books, and articles, you’ll read in their own words what modern churches are actually doing with our kids.

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Sam Magdalein
Sam Magdalein has been the Youth Minister at Bible Believers Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida since 2002.