The Scent, The Parting And Longing That Lives On

Remember when we first met 
Remember when we embraced each other close
That's when I encountered your scent
The one that I have still not forgotten
I know we both have traveled long for now
Not together but on separate paths
But I remember that scent vividly
That invigorating feeling it evoked
Every night when I'm alone to myself 
I wish to join you
I wish to make that scent mine

I remember buying the same soap as you
Thinking the scent was from it
I remember buying the same perfume but
It took me a while to realize it was yours alone
It emanated from you and you alone
I remember hugging you tight at times
Just to get that scent on my body
I remember breathing heavy beside you
Losing myself in the scent I had so badly 
Fallen in love with

I remember us parting on good terms 
I remember that day so well when we called it off
I remember it
I wanted an embrace, a close one, for one last time
I couldn't ask 
I stood there thinking how to put my feelings into words
I wanted to feel you close 
I wished to feel that scent for one last time
If you are reading this let me tell you a thing
My life is a lie without you
There is no day I don't remember you
No moment when my mind is off you
And yeah, I still love you, I do.

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