when was meant

(being a kid)

original photo by ohseulki

I ate Ring Dings
when they were wrapped in foil

I got tan at the beach
when you used baby oil

My favorite after school meal
was the big can of Beefaroni

The one Who was the Boss for me
was 😍Samantha😍 fuhgedabout Tony

Car seats for kids meant sitting on the lap of your older cousin

Losing the game meant the Operation guy’s red nose was buzzing

The washing machine’s water
emptied into one side of the two-tubbed sink

Parties at your house were
filled with adults who’d smoke and drink

I slept in the top bunk
head-to-toe with my brother

My older and younger sis
did side-by-side in the other

Going outside meant a playground or a park

Coming home early meant way before it was dark

Mom used Mercurochrome
for scrapes on our knees

Grandma used old words
like parlor and dungarees

Board games were fun
my favorite was Sorry

Technology to us
was the VCR and Atari

I think back on memories made and all the things we did

I know that I loved living life and just being a kid.

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