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Polars Beta-testing (Stage 2) — Trading Competition


Beta testing of the Polars platform consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1. Introduction to the Polars platform (Formerly STEP 0–5)

Stage 2. Trading competition

Stage 3. Completion. Evaluation of results.

Attention! You should be added to the testers whitelist. To do this, go to the official Polars chat, click on the attached message and click on the testers whitelist link. Click start and enter all the required data.

Attention! In order to start Stage 2 (Trading Competition), you must definitely complete Stage 1 (Formerly STEP 0–5).

Important! You only need to use the Metamask wallet. No other wallets are available for testing the Polars platform on the Ethereum Rinkeby network.

Important! If you are using a mobile device, please use the browser in the Metamask app.

It is important to note that all testing stages will be available throughout the entire beta testing period, up to May 30. At any time before May 30, you can add to the whitelist and go through Stage 1, then Stage 2, then Stage 3 (which will be available only on May 30)

Stage 2 (Trading Competition)

From this moment on, the task of each user is to make money. You have a starting balance after completing STAGE 1. During STAGE 2, you need to increase your starting balance. On May 30, we will launch STAGE 3 and summarize the results by assessing how much your balance has changed.

Technically, we just take a snapshot of the balance of your wallet, which you specified during the passage of STAGE 1 (formerly STEP 5). We will take snapshots periodically, tracking your transactions and change in balances.

Important! You originally purchased about 6000 TUSDC on Uniswap (maybe a little more or a little less, as there are bugs after the upgrade to V3). This is your starting balance. During the STAGE 1 process, you put part of these funds into the base pool, then into the liquid pool, then into the trading pool, and you have about 3000–4000 TUSDC left. As part of the trading competition, you have the opportunity to use only those funds that you have at the time of the end of STAGE 1. Additional TUSDCs cannot be purchased. In case you buy additional TUSDCs during STAGE 2, you will be disqualified from the rating of the trading competition and removed from the whitelist, losing all the advantages of the testers.


If you have additional TUSDCs on your wallet that are unnecessary, sell them on Uniswap to the required initial balance, and only then proceed to STAGE 2.

How can you start Stage 2?

  1. Go to this telegram post, find and click STAGE 2 START TELEGRAM BOT.
    Insert your wallet address and we will take a snapshot of your address balances at this moment. Thank you, STAGE 2 has started. Trade and earn on the Polars platform. ( Additional link to bot: tg://resolve?domain=polars_io_bot&start=ml19). Please use only this bot to complete Stage 1. Don’t go to @polars_io_bot, it won’t work. Only this link: tg://resolve?domain=polars_io_bot&start=ml19.

How can you make money on the Polars platform?

  1. Buy, Sell, Swap and hold polar tokens WHITE and BLACK according to your predictions. We will be posting many real-world events on the platform, and their results will constantly change the price of polar tokens. But keep in mind that the aggregate price of polar tokens remains unchanged. You can trade polar tokens in the liquid pool at a fixed price, or you can trade in the trading pool at a market price. It’s just that the liquid pool is not available during the live event, and the trade pool is always available.
  2. Provide liquidity in the liquid pool and (or) in the trade pool, and place lP tokens (BWLT and PTPT) in the Farming smart contract. Users will make trades and you will earn up to 50% of the commissions they pay. Additionally, you will receive a reward in POL tokens under the liquidity pharming program.
  3. Arbitration between liquid pool and trade pool. Always check what prices are currently in these pools. After the completion of each event, the fixed price of the liquid pool will be changed, but the market price of the trade pool may remain the same (or vice versa), which will create arbitrage opportunities for earning.
  4. We will write to you about other ways of earning money and strategies in separate articles, analyzing specific use cases.

Throughout STAGE 2 (Trading Competition) we will be holding regular AMA sessions. If you have any questions, you can ask them at one of the sessions. Follow the news in our official resources.


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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