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5 min readNov 20, 2021

The Big Trading Competition on the testnet starts on December 3, 2021 with a prize pool of $ 300k +, NFT and 30% Airdrop. In this article, we will provide all the necessary information for this event. You can back here every time you have questions, as here we share information on how to make money and get all the benefits. Read this article carefully, as it contains information on how to register in the Big Trading Competition, what conditions you need to fulfill in order to receive the prize Airdrop part, what you need to do to get prizes for top100 users, how to earn thousands of POL tokens on the referral program, based on testnet trading volume, how to increase your results by participating in the marketing bounty program, and much more!

New to Polars?

To get started, watch this video on how Polars works:

Russian version here: https://youtu.be/byreQA7TiWo

Additionally, you can visit the Polars website and read an article on the Basic concept of Polars and its Business model. For a deeper study of Polars dapp, you can head to the docs section. If you want to study the information about the trading competition in more detail — you can go through this article.

User attention shortlist

  1. Registration in the Big Trading Competition and receiving a starting test 500 USDT. (Info Bot — Referral Bot — Google Form)
  2. Meeting the conditions for receiving prizes at the end of the Big Trading Competition. (Daily Activity — Sponsor tasks — PnL)
  3. Referral earnings based on the trading volume of your referrals you invite + earnings based on your own trading volume. (500 POL — Trading Volume — 10000 POL)
  4. Marketing bounty program with 100,000 POL weekly prizes. (Assistance in promotion — getting rewards)
  5. Distribution of rare and historical NFTs from Polars and sponsors & partners (500 POL — more tokens — more chances)

Let’s Go!


Registration in the Big Trading Competition consists of 3 short stages (Info Bot — Referral Bot — Google Form):

  1. Referral bot. Go through: https://t.me/referralServiceBot
  2. Info Bot. After registering your wallet with the referral bot, you will find a link to register with the Polars Info Bot.
  3. Google Form. After registering your wallet with the Polars Info bot, you will find a link to Google form. Fill out the Google form to enter the competition and receive prizes and Airdrop: https://forms.gle/WAr1Mu64AwZAnJUa7

If you need, you can find more details here.


Each participant will be awarded 500 test USDT (HECO Chain Testnet). The task of each user within 10 days of the trading competition is to maximize the initial deposit. To do this, users can buy, sell and exchange polar WHITE and BLACK tokens, make predictions, trade, arbitrate and add assets to liquidity.

One of the main rules is that you cannot transfer USDT, WHITE, BLACK, PTPT (Pool token od Trade Pool) between user accounts. Do not send your tokens to anyone, otherwise you will be banned.

In order to participate in receiving rewards, the user must maintain an active status for all 10 days of the trading competition. To do this, you need to perform at least one active action per day (Prediction, trade, arbitrage). If the user is not active, he will not qualify for the airdrop. But the user will be able to continue to fight for the top100, since it will take literally a few super-active days to win.

How to connect HECO Chain to your metamask and get test HTs read here.


Additionally, in order to receive awards, each user needs to complete the simple tasks of sponsors and partners, since it is from their assets that most of the prize fund consists. We have posted the list of sponsor tasks and sizes of rewards in a separate article here: https://medium.com/polars-platform/polars-prize-pool-and-list-of-sponsor-tasks-a56f512803ce

Referral earnings

You have already registered in the referral bot when registering for the Big Trading Competition. This is enough to take part in the event. But if you want to invite referrals and make money on their trading volume, you need to get your own referral link. And for this, your wallet must have at least 500 POL.

You can receive 0.005 POL for every $1 of the trading volume of the referral you refer. That is, for every $1000 of the trading volume of the referral you invited, you will receive 5 POL.

You can buy the required POL here:
(POL Contract: 0x273a4ffceb31b8473d51051ad2a2edbb7ac8ce02)

Additionally, you can receive 0.01 POL for every $1 of your own trading volume on the Polars Platform. That is, for every $1000 of your own trading volume you will receive 10 POL.

In order to receive rewards for your own trading volume on the Polars platform, you need to have at least 10,000 bPOL in your wallet.

If you need, you can find more details about the referral program and trading volume rewards here.

Bounty Program

In anticipation of the official launch of the main Polars network, and the start of the Big Trading Competition on the testnet, we are launching a weekly bounty program with a reward pool of 100,000 POL per Week.

Each user can join in completing assignments for Polars and for our sponsors and partners. Each completed task will give a certain number of points. During the week, new tasks will be added and you will be able to increase the number of points earned. At the end of the week, we will calculate the points and distribute 100 POLs to the top1000 participants. (100000 POL in total)

The next week will start counting again. Each user can win for several weeks in a row. There are no restrictions.

Link to Polars Bounty Program:


If you need, you can find more details about the bounty program with screenshots here.

NFT Distribution

In order to participate in the distribution of rare historical NFTs from our sponsors and partners, you must have at least 500 bPOL in your wallet at the time of distribution. The more tokens you have in your wallet, the more chances you have to get into the distribution lists. Conclusion: If you have activated your account and are holding tokens to receive referral rewards, you will automatically participate in NFT Distributions.


The goal of the Polars team during this event is to acquaint each of you with the platform and its mechanisms of earning money. In our experience, no one remains indifferent practically. A few weeks after the end of the trading competition on the testnet, we will be waiting for you at the next trading competition, but this time on the mainnet.


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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