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4 min readOct 23, 2021


The launch of the Polars mainnet is just around the corner, which means the Big Trading Competition is about to start with a prize pool of around $ 300k + NFT. It’s time to get acquainted with the sponsors and partners of this event. Today we are happy to introduce our partner — Arcona XR Metaverse.

About Arcona

Arcona is a classic augmented reality meta-universe. Here everyone can create their own AR projects anywhere in the world, enjoy the most incredible virtual shows on the streets of their city, and most importantly, play and earn real money in the world of augmented reality. Just leave your home, turn on the Arcona app and embark on an immersive digital adventure.

A real Treasure Hunt is open in the world of Arcona right now! Chests full of silver await participants literally everywhere: on the doorstep, on the next street, in the city park. On the way to the treasures, dragons lie in wait for them, which can give fabulous luck or complete failure. The character of the Arcona dragons is very unpredictable. The lucky ones who managed to accumulate enough virtual wealth exchange them for quite real $ ARCONA tokens.

Tournament of Two Dragons

During the Big Trade Competition, Polars will co-host several Tournaments of Two Dragons with Arcona.

Experienced treasure hunters unite in the guilds of the White and Black Dragons. Members of both teams will search for treasure chests in various corners of the earth. The guild, the players of which will be the fastest and the luckiest and will be the first to collect the required number of coins, will be declared the winner of the Tournament. Competition time is limited, so it won’t be easy to win!

Participants in the Big Trading Competition will be able to place bets on the outcome of the Tournament while simultaneously watching the hunters’ competition in the augmented reality world. Those who correctly guess the outcome of the Tournament, in addition to winning, will receive special prizes from the Arcona XR Metaverse. These are gift cards that will bring you permanent income in the Aroona Metaverse. Ten lucky ones will become the owners of NFT Feods. These unique tokens can be exchanged for free for Arcon’s Digital Lands and receive privileges to launch your own AR project, or can be sold on marketplaces such as OpenSea. The total prize pool will exceed $10k+. We will inform you additionally about the time and conditions of the tournaments.

Join the Treasure Hunt in the world of Arcona right now. You will learn more about the rules of the game, earn $ ARCONA tokens and rate other players in the Tournament. This will help you place your bets and win the prizes you deserve!

Polars Big Trading Competition: conditions for receiving $ARCONA

Rewards will be credited to your Arcona account after the end of the Big Trading Competition and you will be able to dispose of them through your personal account.

Learn more about Arcona XR Metaverse The Arcona XR Metaverse

The Blockchain ecosystem has combined real and virtual worlds to create the Digital Earth — a global layer of augmented reality. Here, anyone can develop their own AR projects around the world without leaving home. Arcona’s goal is to make AR technology truly mainstream — useful and accessible to the user.

Arcona Digital Earth is a virtual replica of the planet, each part of which is precisely tied to real geographic coordinates. These are specific places in the most beautiful cities where thousands of people come every day — potential viewers of AR projects.

Each piece of Digital Land is a unique NFT ARDL, in the smart contract of which all the main characteristics are recorded, including the identification number, geographical coordinates, information about the current and previous owners. NFT ARDL can be sold on tokenized marketplaces or used to launch your own AR projects anywhere in the world.


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