The launch of the main Polars network is close, which means that the Big Trading Competition with a prize pool of about $ 300k + NFT will start very soon. We are thrilled to announce Polars’ partnership with Minto.

About Minto

Minto is a digital currency project where merchants and consumers can get rewards in BTC staking BTCMT hashrate tokens. The BTCMT is the DeFi farming token secured by actively operating computing equipment. To run this project, the Minto team constructed data centers with a total allocated hashrate of 50 000 TH/s and tokenized them in ratio 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s, thus, 5 000 000 BTCMT are available for staking. The first million tokens have already been distributed within the presale at a special price. Minto digital service eliminates the need to pay maintenance fees, energy bills, and blocked accounts or KYCs on centralised platforms and withdrawal delays.

Minto hashrate is verified by one of the largest pools Huobi Pool, the project itself was created on the HECO blockchain in cooperation with the Huobi Global which is one of the largest digital asset exchanges. The program code of BTCMT was checked by who confirmed the highest security level of the infrastructure.

What makes the Minto project unique?

  1. Daily mining rewards in bitcoin. You buy Minto data center hashrate tokens and stake them. You can use the received bitcoins immediately after the reward is credited.
  2. Minto pays rewards from the entire computing power of data centers, regardless of the number of staked tokens. That is why the annual profitability of the project exceeds 200%.
  3. Minto is constantly building new data centers and, as tokens are sold, will connect an additional hashrate to the project, increasing the profitability of users accordingly.
  4. Minto has the highest margin of safety due to the advantageous location of data centers, climatic features, and the ability to use the cheapest electricity in the world.
  5. Minto offers the shortest path to efficient mining for anyone who would like to earn income in bitcoins, but cannot compete with large hashrate owners in terms of mining conditions like electricity price.
  6. Minto emphasizes that with its help it is possible to create pension savings on the horizon of decades, which sounds more and more relevant in the conditions of accelerating inflation and short-sighted social policy of many states.

Learn more about Minto on the official Minto (BTCMT) web site:
Minto’s hashrate:
Data centers:

Partnership Integration Details

During the Big Trading Competition, Polars users will receive BTCMT tokens as a gift for passing the quiz (3 tokens to each). Minto will also give tokens to the winners of the competition from the TOP 100 who pass the quiz (20 prizes of 50 tokens each), as well as to all winners from the TOP 3 (100, 200 and 300 tokens).

Minto sponsors the Big Trading Competition with a $7.4k contribution to the prize pool (4300 BTCMT tokens, Huobi ECO Chain). Minto invites Polars users to participate in an exciting quiz and get to know the project in more detail, in which ownership of a tokenized hashrate allows them to receive daily rewards for mining in bitcoins.

Conditions for Receiving BTCMT Tokens as Part of Polars’ Big Trading Competition

In order to get BTCMT the users need to connect their MetaMask wallet to and set it up to work on the HECO network according to the guide.


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