Polkaswap Ecosystem Updates #70, October 4, 2023

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5 min readOct 4, 2023


As the decentralized finance ecosystem evolves, so does Polkaswap. With every bi-weekly update, we bring forward new developments, features, and insights to keep our vibrant community of Polkaswappers informed and engaged.

This month, as always, is no different! Dive in to witness the latest enhancements, product launches, and ongoing endeavours in our ecosystem. Whether it’s the rollout of our latest version or the exciting new features we’ve incorporated, we’re sure it will ignite your enthusiasm for the future of DeFi.

So, dear Polkaswappers, fasten your seatbelts as we delve into this month’s hottest highlights!

🔥 This Month’s Hottest Highlights 🔥

Polkaswap Release v.1.22.0 with Backbone for HASHI Substrate bridge

The first phase of the multi-stage bridge release, Infrastructure preparation, kicks off today!

Here is the multi-stage journey for the Substrate bridge:
- Infrastructure preparation (DONE)
- Governance preparation
- Bridge activation

IMPORTANT: The Substrate bridge is not yet operational on Polkaswap UI or polkadot.js. Attempting a transaction via polkadot.js (http://dotapps.io) WILL FAIL, and you will have to pay the TX fee, but rest assured your funds are SAFU.

Stay tuned for more updates!


  • Dive deep into the supply dynamics with the ‘Supply chart’ for ALL tokens, now live Polkaswap Statistics tab!
  • Seamlessly scroll into your preferred language with the updated Select Language Dialogue.

Polkaswap Release v.1.21 with SORA Card IBAN and UX improvements

We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest version, v. 1.21. We’ve integrated the SORA Account IBAN as the first puzzle for the SORA Card hub. Additionally, we’ve improved the KYC process for a better user experience.

SORA Card hub & IBAN

  • Introduced SORA Account IBAN.
  • The first version of the SORA Card hub has been rolled out.
  • Streamlined and revised the KYC flow process for a better user experience.

Plus, the release is packed with more exciting features and UX improvements:

New “Buy Tokens” Page

The ‘Buy tokens’ page supporting Moonpay + x1ex fiat onramp has been launched!

  • The x1ex exchange as a fresh fiat-to-crypto gateway for easy onboarding has been added.
  • A unified history tab for easy transaction tracking has been integrated.

Pool Synthetic Assets

Now, creating and managing liquidity pairs with synthetic tokens is possible!

Try it out now!

UI Improvements

  • Spotlighting the new banner that highlights marketing & product-related news.
  • Enhanced TX history views and added ADAR TX history support.
  • Better sorting on the ‘Pools’ & ‘Explore’ pages for a seamless experience.

Ongoing Developments

As we continue to push the boundaries of DeFi, several notable items are currently in progress:

  • Development of the SORA substrate bridge — 95% complete

We’re inching closer to perfection with the SORA<->Substrate bridge, already flexing its muscles on the public testnet: test.polkaswap.io. The first version of SORA<->Substrate bridge was completed. Now, the focus turns to mainnet version preparation.

  • Integration of the Subsquid service to Polkaswap — 95% complete

As part of our continued efforts to improve data accuracy on Polkaswap, we have formed a strategic collaboration with Subsquid. This collaboration is designed to enhance the content of our Statistics and Explore pages, offer comprehensive support for blockchain history, and ensure compatibility with the Subquery indexer service.

The initial phase of this partnership, which encompasses the setup and validation of data feeds, has been successfully concluded. We are focused on continuously maintaining this service to ensure its seamless operation. We’ve successfully prepared all environments. So, it’s time now to test it and improve the integration of Subsquid data into Polkaswap.

  • XOR native staking UI — 35% complete

We are excited to announce the upcoming introduction of native validator staking, which will be seamlessly integrated into the Polkaswap interface. With this feature, users will be able to directly choose and support their preferred SORA validator nodes within the Polkaswap platform, resulting in a streamlined and user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome tools!

The development process for this exciting feature is currently underway. The development teams have completed the API layer preparation. The next step is to integrate it into the freshly prepared Polkaswap mockups.

  • Implementation of Order Book & limit orders — 30% complete

The development team has begun integrating the order book widget into Polkaswap. Other widgets, such as the depth chart, trade history, place order UI, etc., are currently in the process of requirements elicitation and API preparation. The order book history is nearly ready to be added to the Subquery and Subsquid indexers.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Polkaswap updates and look forward to providing you with more insights in two weeks!

If you missed the previous ones: September 18 / August 31 / August 18 / July 28 / July 4 / June 16.

Help us Get Better.

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Read this article on the SORA / Polkaswap Bug Bounty Programme for more information and participation rules.

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Polkaswap utilizes SORA network interoperability with the Polkadot and Kusama networks, as well as the capability to bridge external blockchains (like Ethereum) to the Polkadot ecosystem.

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