50+ Ways to Support the Post Growth Institute

How you can be part of the global shift to an economy that’s better, not bigger.

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Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.” — Arundhati Roy

Your contributions matter. So much.

Whether it’s liking a post on social media to raise awareness of the post-growth message, or volunteering your time to push the movement forward, every single contribution makes a difference and inspires our team to even greater action.

Together, we’re co-creating a future that’s better, not bigger.

If you’re in a position to assist further, below are 50+ ways to expand your contributions, accelerating the shift to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

And please feel free to replicate any of what’s below to serve other causes that matter to you most!

With immense thanks for all you do,

Volunteer your time

Join our global team and connect with like-minded, passionate people while helping build a thriving, alternative future focused on better, not bigger.

  1. Become a general volunteer (1+ hrs/week):
  • We welcome anyone with a passion for creating a truly sustainable future — no particular skills or economics training required. Contact us to learn more.

2. Volunteer your specific skills (1+ hrs/week):

  • We welcome anyone with expertise in: illustration; app development; social media management; stakeholder engagement; board administration; grant writing; volunteer coordination; human resource management; SEO; or UX design. Contact us to learn more.

3. Intern with us (4–12 weeks):

  • We welcome students seeking research and project opportunities. Contact us to discuss.
The PGI team, across 11 countries.

Engage with our content

The post-growth message is rich and multifaceted. Have a look at what we do across various channels — pick your favorites and engage, share, and contribute.

4. Engage with us on Medium (30–90 min.):

  • Follow our blog publication for post-growth perspectives and inspiration, from empirical research and expert theory to case studies from across the world.
  • Give our articles up to 50 ‘claps’ to show your support and boost the visibility of pieces that resonate with you.
  • Comment on articles. We love to hear your thoughts and engage in conversation, whether it’s praise, new ideas, or constructive criticism.
  • Submit an article for us to review for inclusion in our blog publication.
  • Explore our Post-growth Ripples for news coverage, podcast features, and other ways the post-growth message is rippling out via the media.
  • Republish or syndicate our writing. Almost all our articles are published under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to share them on your site, or contact us about a syndication partnership.

5. Interview/feature us in your article/blog/podcast (1–2hrs).

  • The Post Growth Institute is at the forefront of new economic thinking, and has developed a robust vision of a system beyond capitalism — one that prioritizes the wellbeing of both people and planet. We also document, support, and promote the myriad post-growth initiatives and projects that are already happening. Contact our comms team to arrange interviews.

6. Engage with us on Facebook (5–10 min.):

7. Engage with us on Twitter (5–10 min.)

8. Engage with us on YouTube (5–60 min.):

  • Subscribe to our channel.
  • Watch our videos.
  • Like/comment on our videos.

9. Engage with us on LinkedIn (5–10 min.):

  • Follow our company page here.
  • Like/comment on our posts.

10. Engage with our newsletter (2–5 min.):

  • Register here to receive ‘Full Circle’, our monthly bulletin of inspiration, resources, and insight on the transition to a post-growth world.
  • Forward our newsletter to your friends and networks.

Visit our websites

We’re helping drive the shift to a world where people, companies, and nature thrive together within ecological limits. To find out how, explore the range of work we’re doing across our various websites.

11. Visit our central website (1–2hrs):

  • The Post Growth Institute website is a resource hub for all things post growth, from post-growth economics and our starting positions, to our wide-ranging work in the fields of research, training, and movement-building.

12. Learn about our research initiatives (30–90 min.):

  • How on Earth features details and previews of our forthcoming book, which documents the rapid rise of not-for-profit forms of business in our economy and the foreseeable end to the profit motive in our lifetimes.
  • Credit Union Commercial Capabilities is our multi-year research project seeking to understand what’s holding back the development of full business services within US credit unions, and what it will take for those barriers to be overcome.

13. Learn about our training initiatives (10–20 min.):

  • The Offers and Needs Market is our guided process for community members to come together to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs.
  • The Not for Profit Way is our training program for social entrepreneurs and community organizers seeking the skills to start, scale and sustain purpose-driven projects and create the change they wish to see in the world.
  • NP Assist is our professional consultancy service, providing all the support you need to start, scale or sustain your not-for-profit initiative, organization, or business.

14. Learn about our movement-building initiatives (20–60 min.):

  • Free Money Day is a chance to start conversations about the benefits of economies based on sharing, and inspire more creative thinking about our relationships with money.
  • The Post Growth Alliance is our cooperative social media service that amplifies engaging content for sustainability-focused member organizations.
  • The (En)Rich List is our showcase of inspirational people who have made enriching contributions to sustainable futures.

Join our trainings

Learn how to serve and strengthen your community or launch a purpose-driven project. Your payments allow us to pay our staff and offer scholarships for others.

15. Watch our free ‘How to Run a Virtual Offers and Needs Market’ training video here.

16. Register for our Offers and Needs Market Facilitator training here.

17. Express your interest in attending our next nine-week Not for Profit Way training here.

Hire us as consultants / speakers / facilitators

Transition your business to a not-for-profit or uplift your community with a post-growth talk. Your payments allow us to subsidize the work we do that doesn’t generate income.

18. Hire us as organizational/business consultants:

19. Hire us as virtual/in-person facilitators:

  • Needing assistance with strategic planning or mediation? Contact us to discuss your needs.

20. Hire us as virtual/in-person speakers:

  • Wow your audiences with engaging presentations on how we can flourish in a post-capitalist market economy. Contact us to discuss your needs.

21. Hire us as Offers and Needs Market coaches:

  • Get personalized training on how to host processes that strengthen and enliven your community. Contact us for further details.

22. Hire us to analyze your Offers and Needs Market survey data (coming soon).

Contribute to our research / events / campaigns

Your participation expands our data sets and enables evidence-based change in the world.

23. Take our Credit Union Business Survey (5 min.):

  • Our research helps U.S. credit unions offer services to larger businesses, in turn shifting money from Wall Street to Main Street, and giving ethical businesses the chance to align their banking with their values. U.S. business owner or employee? Share your experience here.

24. Send us the survey results from your Offers and Needs Market (15 min.):

25. Propose a research collaboration (2–3 hrs):

26. Sign up to write a review for one of our forthcoming books (10–20hrs):

27. Host a Free Money Day Event (1–3hrs).

28. Contribute data to our global not for profit business database (5–10 min., coming soon).

29. Pledge to Move your Business’ Money (10 min., coming soon).

Pre-purchase our forthcoming books

Prepare to take a deep dive into the world of post-growth theory and practice, and support our writers at the same time.

30. Pre-purchase How on Earth: our future is not for profit

31. Pre-purchase The Offers and Needs Market: how to reveal and mobilize your community’s true wealth (coming soon)

32. Pre-purchase The Not for Profit Way: how to start, scale and sustain resilient initiatives in an ever-fragile world (in the future)

Support the work of our allies

We’re so much stronger together. Be part of building the post-growth movement.

33. Amplify the work of our post-growth allies (2 min./week):

34. Explore our partner networks (20–60 min.):

35. Partner with us (10 min.):

  • Apply to become a member of the Post Growth Alliance - a cooperative social media service that creates and then amplifies engaging content for sustainability-focused member organizations.

Buy from companies we trust

Make purchases from trusted companies with whom we have an affiliate arrangement to access their high-quality products and services, and gift us a commission or benefit in the process.

36. Build beautiful websites without any coding (1–2hrs)

37. Increase your donor contributions (15 min. plugin setup)

38. Automate your payroll/taxes — U.S. only (1–5 hrs setup)

39. Make low-cost, international payments (20–60 min. setup)

Donate money / goods / services

From one-time donations to regular giving, your financial contributions help us keep the lights on — and every cent makes a difference.

40. Make a one-time donation (5 min.):

  • A tax-deductible (U.S.) gift of $5 helps us amplify the contribution of team-members from non-Western countries, by covering a mobile data package.
  • A tax-deductible (U.S.) gift of $25 helps us reach more community facilitators through our Offers and Needs Market Webinars by covering our Zoom subscription for 1 month.
  • A tax-deductible (U.S.) gift of $100 allows us to share post-growth tools, resources, and inspiration by covering our Mailchimp subscription for 1 month.

41. Make a regular monthly donation (5 min.):

  • A regular monthly gift is the easiest way to sustain our work, and is a way to create a deeper, lasting impact.

42. Donate services (1–10 hrs):

  • Assistance we’re needing includes: printing and distribution (for book publications); advertising (print, digital, radio and podcast); financial auditing.

43. Make a bequest (in the future).

44. Provide us with a zero-interest/negative interest loan (in the future).

Help us fundraise

Your energy and networks are powerful, and there are plenty of ways to put them to use for a good cause — and have some fun at the same time.

45. Set up a Facebook fundraiser for the PGI (10 min.):

  • Ask your network to donate or sponsor you for a challenge. Here’s how.

46. Host a fundraising house/online party (3hrs):

  • People are hungry for hope, connection, and conversation. A virtual or in-person party is a great way to combine all three! We supply the presenter and run sheet, you help with set-up and the guest list. Learn more.

47. Organize your own fundraising event for the PGI (1–10hrs):

Recommend our work

If you’ve worked with us already and have kind words to share, your recommendation will help others learn about what we offer.

48. Write a review of us (5–10 min.):

49. Send us an endorsement for public use (5 min.)

50. Link to our work (2 min.):

  • On your website.
  • In online comments.

51. Distribute our materials (10–20 min.):

  • Share our prospectus (coming soon).
  • Share our flyer (coming soon)

Provide us with feedback

Feedback of any kind is invaluable, and we’re always open to hearing how we can improve. Help us be better by sharing your opinions and experiences.

52. Provide us with feedback (5 min):

This article is a living document — we’ll be constantly updating and adding to it, so feel free to check back in down the road to discover new avenues to support our work.

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