5 Different Wordle Alternatives That You Can Play - Part Two

Part Two: 5 More Wordle Alternatives You Can Play

Semih Aykut
3 min readMar 4, 2022


Wordle craze goes on as millions try to find the word that gets hidden from humanity every day

Fifteen days ago, I had published a story on Medium. It became, by far, the most read story of mine:

5 Different Wordle Alternatives That You Can Play

You can click the story above to see the first 5 Wordle Alternatives I wrote about.

Also you can play the one that I made at https://numbrle.com in which you play with numbers instead of letters.

Now let’s continue:

6) Letterle

Letterle: Find the letter!

In Letterle, you guess just the one letter, instead of a whole word 😂. The box queue goes on and on until you find out.

And you share that last view, proudly. 😆

It looks like a caterpillar. So funny and bizarre on social media and messaging platforms.

You can play Letterle at https://edjefferson.com/letterle/

I shared my Letterle results with my beloved friends at 6 AM. 🤣

7) Quordle

Quordle: I demand a brain with quad-core CPU for this

In Quordle, you try to guess 4 words in a total of 9 tries. This is a great game for sure, but my brain is melting. One word was more than enough for me.

Still I know there are people who think Wordle is easy, so this may be the answer for them.

You can play Quordle at https://www.quordle.com/

8) Wordle2 (not associated with the original Wordle)

Wordle 2: 6 Letter version of Wordle

In Wordle2, Everything is the same except the word is 6 letters long. This one is obviously harder.

I see a lot of people playing this and sharing their results so I though it’s worth to also mention this.

You can play Wordle2 at https://www.wordle2.in/

9) Poeltl

Poeltl: You guess the NBA player’s name

If you’re an NBA fan, this one may suit you. You can see the silhouette of the player and make your guesses based on that.

I thought it’s a really intriguing Wordle alternative to play, but I couldn’t find the answer because I’m not an avid NBA fan.

Before realizing the silhouette hint, when I tried “Dennis Rodman” or “Scottie Pippen” I realized you need the current active players’ names. Not the 90's legends.

But seeing the attention of the fans, I can say this is another new gem in the Wordle alternatives medium, growing its fan base each day.

You can play Poeltl at https://poeltl.dunk.town/

10) Crosswordle

Crosswordle: Guess the two word that intersects one letter

It’s like plain old crosswords of newspapers but a shorter challenge. I like this a lot. You find the two words and it’s over. Not like spending a whole day with the newspapers.

I couldn’t solve the Crosswordle while writing this Medium story, but it won’t stop me from liking it 😁. I like the 2 dimensional design. Aesthetically pleasing.

You can play Crosswordle at https://crosswordle.serializer.ca/


Feel free to check https://numbrle.com The one that I made! It’s like Wordle but with numbers! You guess the 5 digit number and you can share the results! Any feedback appreciated! Thanks for reading.



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