To the Todoed tribe

To the stockholders of Todoed, without you none would be possible.

Hi Todoed tribe,

Welcome here. If I have your sincere support for a substantial period of time, at least until the end of 2016, I would be in a very strong position to build the most extra-ordinary productivity company in the world. I assure you.

Meaning of tribe?

I am Raj, the coordinator of the Todoed tribe. My background has be that of hustling in Preseed, now I am in charge of the Todoed tribe. I always wanted to be a big part of something small, rather than a small part of something big. On that journey I met Nishchal and I have been learning from him ever since. Now I am lucky to sleep, eat and breathe Todoed daily; and if you are looking forward to joining the tribe I would expect you to match the same dedication that I bring to the table. We are convinced that we are going to leave this world more productive, before we leave it.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody, is to trust them” — Ernest Hemingway

The journey we are on is an uphill journey so rest assured that this will not be an easy. You will need to persevere. Keep in mind the following:

  1. Your compensation — Will be in stocks. So if we are a billion dollar company and you own 1% of our stocks, you will be worth a 10 million dollars. Your stocks would be transferred to you upon company incorporation if you have already been a part of our journey till now. Or after a period of time we have agreed to work on till you have proved to be a significant part of the ten people tribe we are building to take Todoed to million’s. Monthly salary is one of the worst addictions. So we don’t encourage it.
  2. Team Work — So much of what we do involves collaboration that we must have team players across our business. It is good for business results and our corporate culture. Sometimes, however temporary it may be, you have to put the interest of the team before your own interest. It is in serving of this interest of the company that you will rise up to steer yourself in serving your interest. The tasks of the team come first. Period.
  3. Find answers yourself — This is a very young company that is still learning and striving to make its impact felt globally. So don’t wait for anyone, just find your answers yourself (internet has already empowered you), do your thing, and do it all blazing fast. Make your place among us, yourself !
  4. Focus — Focus on one mission at one time. I am hoping for you also it be Todoed’s mission and collective goals. If you keep at it with 100% commitment and hardwork, you will be big in my scheme of things or else we won’t move and shake much together. Give at least your 6 uninterrupted months to me and I will show you the results we can fetch out of our collective abilities. And at most, keep persevering with me till (and beyond) we have made the world progress because of us. So, if you are working here and working elsewhere too, I would suggest you choose 1 out of the 2 as soon as you can so that you are of greater impact at atleast 1 place. I hope you see what Todoed could mean to the world one day and I also hope you strive to make yourself be an integral part of our company.

Some side notes

Note 1 -: I would appreciate if you spare some time to read the blog posts listed here or dig our website
Note 2 -: Do know our tribe well for it is important for you to know who we are as individuals, before you make the choice of engaging with us any further.

Note 3 -: If someone from the Todoed team has spoken to you with conviction about taking you forward on the idea or opportunity suggested in such dialogues, take it very seriously. We are not here or there to waste our times. We are here to truly translate progressive dialogues into startups. You must get in touch with us further if you have any will to build.

Credit : This document is an extract of Nishchal’s message to the Preseed team, but put in place for Todoed tribe from my perspective.