Introducing Prime Launch

the no-code platform for trustless seed raises and fair launches with 0% fees



Prime Launch will go live on the 13th of December, followed by PrimeDAO’s network token $D2D Launch from the 14th to the 17th.

Prime Launch is now live! Enter the dApp here.

Prime Launch is a decentralized launchpad assisting Web3 project owners to launch their project tokens with minimal technical know-how. Prime Launch is going live with a 0% fee structure. We will always aim to keep the fees at a minimum and prioritize supporting the launch of high-potential projects that will uplift the ecosystem as a whole.

With all early-stage tokens, there are two major challenges:

  1. Raising a seed raise.
  2. Creating liquid secondary markets with fair price discovery.

Prime Launch addresses these concerns by providing two robust mechanisms for projects to launch their tokens. These mechanisms can either be used individually or complement each other through multiple token offerings:

  • Seed Launch simplifies token launches by providing a clean interface for fixed seed offerings, where a project token is offered at some fixed rate for a funding token, such as a stablecoin with a customizable vesting period for different stakeholders. For quality assurance, the interface includes a decentralized approval mechanism where members of PrimeDAO curate and approve projects to appear in the interface.
  • Liquid Launch helps early-stage projects build deep liquidity when releasing their project token with minimal upfront capital. By leveraging Balancer Protocol v2.0’s liquidity bootstrapping pool mechanism, Liquid Launch helps eliminate the possibilities of price swings targeted by automated trading bots to ensure fair token prices. One major benefit of this mechanism is that launch participants will not have to wait for external exchange listings to access a liquid secondary market, unlike traditional initial coin offerings.

Seed Launch in Detail

Seed Launch offers a permissionless platform for a project team to list their tokens and raise funds. Using the seed registration wizard, the project team provides general information and project details on their token, including the name, website, a detailed project description, and related links (e.g., social media handles).

Benefits of Seed Launch include:

  • No upfront capital requirements: Projects can raise their newly created project tokens.
  • No complicated listing fees or processes: Projects apply to list themselves in the Prime Launch interface and require only the governance approval of PrimeDAO to do so. Once a set threshold of PrimeDAO representatives vote and approve the listing proposal through a Gnosis Safe, the seed launch will go live.
  • Vesting control: Projects can set a cliff period (time until users can transfer tokens) and a vesting period (time after cliff when gradually released) to avoid large sell-offs and price drops following their seed round.
  • Threshold setting: minimum and maximum raise amounts can be configured for the seed launch. If this minimum is not met, all funds are returned to seed participants. Contributors will receive their refunds by means of Prime Seed’s smart contracts, ensuring non-custodial security and trust.
  • Allowlist option: Projects can allowlist launch participants to create exclusivity or apply to know your customer standards. The project can adjust the list as interest in the seed round grows.
  • Legal tooling: Project creators can require launch participants to agree to terms to participate and even have the option of geoblocking certain regions for regulatory compliance.

Liquid Launch in Detail

Liquid Launch provides an interactive wizard for project owners to create liquidity pools in a decentralized manner using the Balancer v2.0 Protocol. Using the liquid launch wizard, the project team can configure the parameters of a liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) and provide the exact basic project details they would do in Seed Launch.

Benefits of Liquid Launch include:

  • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools: LBPs help projects create sufficient liquidity by amassing a lively token treasury. Distribution is generally considered a fair launch mechanic, where tokens are well distributed, and a liquid market is available right off the bat.
  • High customization: LBPs are highly customizable according to the project’s needs. One example is the adjustable pool weights, where projects can pre-define the start and end weights of the LBP. By beginning with a high start weight for the Project Token and gradually moving to high-end weight for the Funding Token, projects can raise a significant treasury in their native token.
  • Nominal capital requirement: Liquid Launch helps early-stage projects to kick-start the LBP without high upfront capital requirements. When compared to token offerings for other equi-weighted DeFi pools — such as a 50/50 pool — Prime Launch is a preferable platform for all categories of projects.
  • Security optimized: The project admin is the only owner of the LBP smart contract. No other stakeholders have access to funds sent or held by the contract at any point in the whole Liquid Launch process. All tokens are held by this contract until the end time, impeding any chances for rug pulling during the LBP.
  • Security from bots/whales: each LBP starts by setting a high token price which undergoes continuous downward pressure until it reaches market equilibrium. This helps avoid any chances of lumpsum deals or pump-and-dump schemes by bots or whales during the LBP.
  • Live launch preview: liquid launch provides the project team with a live and interactive launch preview from the registration time onwards, giving insights into the project token’s implied market cap and price range. This assists the team in configuring initial funding and weights at desired levels.


Prime Launch is a powerful decentralizing fundraising solution that supports matchmaking between project creators and token enthusiasts. Its cost-effectiveness, UX, and security offer many substantial benefits that previous initial coin offering platforms have traditionally failed to provide. Built from within the permissionless PrimeDAO ecosystem, Prime Launch provides a transparent and trusted platform for projects of varying scales to credibly kick-start innovations and decentralized autonomous organizations.

Prime Launch will go LIVE on the 13th of December, followed by PrimeDAO’s network token $D2D Launch from the 14th to the 17th.

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