Day 5 of #productidea — Learn more about films after watching them

This is part of my #productidea 30 day challenge on which each day I write about a new product idea.

When I was in high school and we were watching a film, we had a Literature teacher who compeled us to stay silent and think about the film instead of talk to each other. We didn’t understand why at the time.

However, now I understand why. In fact, I usually go further and I start searching for more information about the film online. If the film is based on a real story or with a real context, I can spend 1–2 hours reading articles or watching videos. It really helps me understand better the context of the film.

The idea is to have a website with this information about the latest films. It could be like a wiki where film fans collaborate with articles, quotes, videos and related movies and books. In fact, currently the MVP is each page of the film in Wikipedia.