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Introducing Lore-based NFT Collections

Everyone has a story to tell — every ship and planet too. I just hope I can record them all. That’s my goal. To make history come alive.

Hannes Reykot

Visit the Project Nebula Collections menu and you’ll find an ever-growing array of lore. These stories herald the first explorers to come through the Gateway in search of hope and exploration. The people, their ships and the planets they discover hold significant value.

The Project Nebula Lore Sets stem directly from these tales. These collections are unique, single-copy, and extraordinarily rare sets introduced between core generations of the Project Nebula universe.

Between GEN-0 and the launch of GEN-1 comes...

A New Sun Rises: Lore Set I

The first Project Nebula Lore Set will introduce six NFTs. These single-copy spaceships will come straight out of the Gen-0 lore series and will feature some historic vessels, such as The Matterskipper, The Farseer, and more.

The spaceships introduced will stand-out visually from Gen-0 ships and will have some buffed stats. Each ship’s story is entirely unique and fully embodied in its minting with a historical description and connection to its lore.

The Auctions

Six single mint spaceships will be going into the Project Nebula Marketplace for auction. All auctions will begin on 07 MAY 2021 at 12:00 Eastern European Time and will end at a designated time.

May 08 12:00 — Flickering Flame

The Flickering Flame’s true origins are unknown, and it’s hardened history of piracy and violence prove this ship isn’t one to be trifled with lightly.

May 8 18:00 — Relentless Sunseeker

It took an anomalous Mindloop pandemic to even shake the stout-hearted crew of the Sunseeker, one of the first ships to ever venture through the Gateway.

May 8 24:00 — The Farseer

Nimble, versatile, and prepared for the unforeseeable. The Farseer was built for survivors and withstood an attack that may have crippled most other vessels.

May 9 06:00 — Endless Typhoon

Ask any self-respecting mechanic and they’d tell you The Endless Typhoon was an astounding work of art.

May 9 12:00 — The Matterskipper

The Matterskipper holds the galactic speed record among Scout vessels and is nothing short of a beacon of pride for any crew lucky enough to pilot it.

May 9 18:00 — Red Light of Dawn

The Red Light of Dawn became famous after being awarded to Sophie Ibsen for her heroic acts during a large-scale attack on the Gate.

Any bids received during the last minute of an auction will extend the final auction time by two minutes. If outbid, the funds will return to your ICON wallet near instantaneous.

Be sure to have your ICON Wallet ready and good luck out there, explorers!

We’re giving away free spaceship NFTs in Reddit!

Winners will be randomly selected if all steps for entry have been met. In order to win a free Spaceship please:

I. Follow our Project Nebula publication:

II. 👏 Clap for this article 50x!

III. Join our Reddit where we’ll announce the winners on May 7 at 17:00 EET




Project Nebula is a space-themed collectible strategy game on the ICON blockchain. Discover and own unique planets, artwork, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

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Project Nebula

Project Nebula

A blockchain based game of interstellar exploration. Discover and own unique planets, artifacts, digital art, stories and more in an ever-expanding universe!

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