Thanks for Escaping to Radiotopia!

This summer, we asked our listeners to #EscapetoRadiotopia with three brand new shows: ZigZag, Everything is Alive and, from Radiotopia’s Showcase, The Great God of Depression. We paired the launches with a number of special series and season returns from other Radiotopia favorites, like Love + Radio and Radio Diaries. Then, we wanted to find out where our fans were listening. We encouraged you to send us postcards from all your summer road trips, adventures and staycations.

We were overwhelmed with the response! We’ve received over 85 postcards (and counting) and, in return, have mailed out limited-edition #EscapetoRadiotopia stickers all across the world.

Check out some of the most impressive postcards below, then click the pins on the interactive map to see an image of each postcard and its place of origin.

Kaylyn — Nashville, TN

Greetings Radiotopia!
Picked this up in Nashville, TN where I am hopping into my PLP (platonic life partner’s) retrofitted van for 2 weeks of her 4 month journey around the US to visit national parks (she has the passport book), historical sites, museums and to just walk around downtown spaces, chat with people and get a taste for what is America. It’s pretty amazing. This comes from a cafe in St. Louis after a day at the city museum. Looking forward to some good podcasting on the road.
— Kaylyn

Alexander — Morocco

Hey Radiotopia! It has taken me 2 weeks to get to a town with postcards … I’m on the outskirts of civilization helping a new English school get started. If there are any stickers left, please mail to: ____. Also, thank you for Love+Radio. It keeps me company out here in the desert.
— Alexander

Lori — Maine, USA

Hello PRX team,
Greetings from Maine! I live here year-round, but I honestly don’t want to travel anywhere else is the summer. It’s SO perfect and lasts about 5 minutes. Ask again come winter vacation and you’ll get a different postcard. I live in the woods on a quiet pond … about 10 minutes from the ocean. It truly is Vacationland!
— Lori

L. Wong — Ontario, Canada

Dear Radiotopia Crew,
I am trapped at my school office attempting to write a dissertation. Somehow, escaping a mountain lion seems more attainable. Thank you for making awesome shows that help me get out of my head.
— L. Wong Ph.D. Candidate. In. Writing. Hell.

Herde — Berlin, Germany

Dear Radiotopians,
Sending you lots of love from Berlin. A staycation interspersed with work. My current route to work to work leads through the Tiergarten park — a haven in this heat, a mini-escape every morning and evening, listening to podcasts as I cycle along the path.
— Herde

To see all the postcards, check out this interactive map. Zoom in and click on any pin to see a postcard and from where it was sent.