How to buy Publica‘s PBL tokens?
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3 min readMay 22, 2018

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to buy PBL tokens on Uniswap exchange.

How to buy PBL on Uniswap

Step 1. Open Uniswap app

Click to open the app

Default screen

Step 2. Connect a wallet

Click the Connect to a Wallet button and connect one of the supported wallets, we recommend using Metamask.

If you don’t have a wallet yet check this tutorial — how to create a Metamask account.

Step 3. Select a pair

After connecting a wallet, select a pair of tokens you want to swap. To buy PBL tokens choose one of two options.

Click the following link:

or select the PBL token manually:

  1. Click Select a token.
  2. Paste 0x55648de19836338549130b1af587f16bea46f66b into the “Search name or pass address” field.
  3. Select PBL.

Step 4. Swap tokens

Select a pair of tokens and the desired direction of “swap” tokens. You will need to choose a direction (for example swap ETH for PBL, or PBL for ETH) depending on whether you would like to buy or sell PBL tokens. In both ways such transaction in Uniswap is called a “token swap”.

To buy PBLs:

  1. Choose the desired pair, for example ETH -> PBL
  2. Enter the amount PBL tokens you are willing to buy. Uniswap will automatically calculate the necessary amount of ETH you would need to make a swap.
  3. Click Swap.

NB! To adjust the default settings click on the gear icon.

4. If you like what you see, click Confirm Swap to proceed.

Step 5. Confirm transaction

After clicking the “Confirm Swap” button, your wallet will automatically connect to send a transaction.

  1. To finalize PBL purchase click Confirm.

NB! You will see the total amount you will need to pay in order to make the purchase. This price consists of the amount you pay for PBL tokens and the gas fee (Ethereum blockchain transaction fee).

To cancel the transaction click Reject.

Attention! Make sure to check the gas fee before confirming the transaction!

What are PBL tokens?

PBL tokens or Pebbles are Publica platform’s native currency. Users need PBL tokens for two purposes — to buy collectible book tokens from Publica’s book catalogue.



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