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Publica announces the first digital collectible drop on the platform

Publica announces the drop of the first collectible item from the series. Available on April 30!

We are excited to reveal the author of the first set of digital collectibles listed on the platform!

Take me to the DROP!

About the author

Maiana Rose is an author and illustrator based out of Los Angeles. Maiana’ works was featured in an exhibition at the Pitzer College Art Galleries. She has sold prints and postcards at local retailers like Pink Dot and Fred Segal.

Maiana Rose

The first drop from the series of collectible tokens will be available in limited edition of 100 tokens. The collection is related to the author’s upcoming graphic novel “Oh The Pics That You’ll Post”.

The content will be available for buyers via Publica’s e-reader app immediately after purchasing the tokens.

Oh The Pics That You’ll Post, is picture book for teens, tweens, and twenty-somethings, puts a millennial spin on the Dr. Seuss classic, Oh The Places You’ll Go! — paying homage to the classic book while satirizing the extent to which one must go today in order to achieve the goal of becoming an influencer.

Find out more about Maiana’s art here:

How to participate?

The first drop from the series of 4 collectible items will appear in Publica’s catalog on April 30.

The link will be published prior to the start of the sale, follow our social media channels for more updates!

What are digital collectibles?

NFTs are taking the world by storm. Digital collectibles are changing the way we understand ownership, making every art work added to the blockchain a truly valuable asset.

With Publica, writers and artists can upload their works and convert it into unique token that is serving as a proof of ownership, providing access to content via Publica’s app. Every book has its own, unique token. Buyers can purchase a collectible item from Publica’s catalog, and instantly access the file via Publica’s e-reader app any time they want. Book token owners can re-sell a collectible item using Publica’s proprietary secondary market, or transfer ownership rights by simply sending the token to another person.

And the best thing — the system is decentralized! All tokenized assets are running on the blockchain. Buy, sell, trade, collect digital book collectibles with Publica.

Read more about digital collectibles on Publica in this post: is the platform for creating digital book collectibles and NFT tokens.

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Publica is an evolutionary publishing platform using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to innovate in how books are funded, distributed, bought, and read. Visit

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