Find Peace While Riding the Waves of Adversity

It’s easier said than done

Nicole Akers


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Life is constantly throwing you curve balls.

When we’re kids, life is simple, although we don’t know it yet. We toddle through around, exploring everything and figuring out how things work.

Imagine you’re at the start, like a seedling pushing through the soil. Each day brings something new, like the first time you taste chocolate or feel the warmth of the sun on your face. In case you haven’t noticed, these are two of the things that bring me great joy. Chocolate and sunshine. Also, coffee and dogs. Family. Yes, family.

Then comes the teenage years, the awkward time when we have so much life to figure out, and sometimes it would be easier to disappear into thin air than deal with inopportune times, people, and experiences.

Once we reach adulthood, hopefully, we’ve figured out how to balance different parts of life. At each new stage, we reach a new level of discovery and awareness.

Sometimes, maintaining perspective, being adaptable, and taking care of yourself are all you can do.

Taylor Swift is everywhere; Insta reels dominate, and TokTok dances steal the stage — the true meaning of life. I’m not even sure younger generations know what’s real anymore.

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