Pundi X Launches 1 Billion $PURSE Ecosystem Pool to build DePIN Infrastructure

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3 min readFeb 1, 2024


Pundi X Launches 1 Billion $PURSE Ecosystem Pool to build DePIN Infrastructure

Singapore, February 1 2024 — Pundi X is proud to unveil the 1 Billion $PURSE Ecosystem Pool, a strategic initiative aimed at empowering and rewarding our community, accelerating the growth of the XPOS crypto payment and exchange ecosystem and the development of the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN).

The ecosystem award distribution will be achieved in 4 phases as follows:

Empowering Transactions: In Phase 1, 100 Million $PURSE tokens incentivize existing p(x)Card holders and task achievers, fostering increased crypto transactions via XPOS and user engagement.

Expanding Participation: Phase 2 allocates 200 Million $PURSE tokens to Club PURSE members, blockchain wallet users, XPOS merchants, and new p(x)Card holders, cultivating a diverse ecosystem.

Club PURSE is a decentralized marketplace within the Pundi X ecosystem, reminiscent of the iconic Diners Club concept. This innovative platform serves as a hub for merchants, projects, and advertisers to showcase their offerings by utilizing $PURSE tokens. By leveraging $PURSE, merchants and projects can enlist their goods or services on Club PURSE, expanding their audience and engaging with discerning customers. In return, customers gain the exclusive ability to redeem $PURSE tokens for a diverse array of goods and services featured on the marketplace. Beyond enhancing the utility of $PURSE, Club PURSE will foster a vibrant ecosystem where transactions are mutually beneficial, creating a decentralized marketplace aligned with the interests of both providers and consumers.

Incentivizing Contributions: The third phase introduces staking rewards, offering 300 Million $PURSE tokens to Club PURSE members, XPOS merchants, wallet users, XPOS merchants, encouraging sustained community involvement.

Innovating the Future: The final phase, with 400 Million $PURSE tokens, symbolizes Pundi X’s commitment to continuous innovation, driving the evolution of crypto incentives and shaping the future of the crypto payment ecosystem. More details will be revealed in a later stage.

“This strategic $PURSE Ecosystem Pool is a testament to our commitment to building a decentralized marketplace that aligns the interests of both providers and consumers, fostering a vibrant and engaged community. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in advancing the vision of the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network using XPOS,” says Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-Founder of Pundi X Labs.

XPOS is currently servicing users, merchants, and distributors in Canada, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, and more. In Turkey, XPOS is used in the physical storefront to conduct crypto exchanges. This special model is called Crypto Shop. There are over 15 shops up and running in Turkey. Read more about this business model at https://pundixturkiye.com.

Pundi X team also works with major POS manufacturers such as Verifone, PAX, Sunmi, and Ingenico.

For more information, please visit https://medium.com/purseland/purse-new-token-economy-a-fusion-of-visa-convenience-and-diners-club-elegance-25cdeee248ea.