8 People to Send Valentines to Who Aren’t Your Lover

We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day, and it’s safe to say that in the busyness of life, some of our most near-and-dear peeps go unrecognized and unloved. That’s gotta change, especially because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. It’s for best friends; it’s for parents; it’s for kiddos; and it’s especially for distance relatives like aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

So before you go about your Wednesday, take a minute to drop the people in your life a love note. To get you thinking about who needs snail mail love, here’s a list of our top 8 people who are unsung humans in our lives. Oh, and we wouldn’t leave you without any eye candy. Keep scrolling to see examples that are going to make you say, “Awww.”

  1. Parents: They raise you. They feed you. They probably hound you about not calling enough. Surprise them with a handwritten letter delivered straight to their mailbox.
  2. Grandparents: We don’t know about you, but our grandparents LOVE getting mail. Plus, they usually return the favor, so you can watch your mailbox for a follow-up note from grams or gramps.
  3. Kids: Parents, you’re not off the hook. Let your kid know how much you love them with a sweet note. It doesn’t matter whether they are 3-years-old, off in college or grown with their own children.
  4. Aunts and Uncles: If you live near your extended family, send them a note to make plans to cook dinner or catch a movie soon. If they live far away, snail mail is the perfect way to let them know that they are your fave aunt or uncle.
  5. Nieces and Nephews: Spoiling the small people in your life is always a good idea. And, honestly, who doesn’t want to be known as the Cool Aunt.
  6. Co-workers: You sit should-to-shoulder with these people all day long. But how often do you pause and thank them for being a daily companion, not just someone who replies to your email. Tip: If you don’t have their home address, have the card delivered to your work address.
  7. Mentors: They encourage. They listen. They give great advice. Take a second to let them know how much you appreciate all the energy they spend helping you figure out this thing called life.
  8. Best Friend: You maybe already sent a Galentine’s Day card, but we aren’t all gals and our besties aren’t either. Celebrate any and all friendships you have with a card, and maybe confetti. Life always needs a little confetti.

And as promised, Valentine’s Day eye candy that’s not full of lovey-dovey messages to your sweetheart.

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