Meet Brita: An Artist Who’s All About That Happy Mail

Meet Brita Muller. She’s a Handwriting Artist who joined the team in October 2016. She’s also a PR maven who helps us get the word out about Punkpost, and makes cameos at Bay Area events.

When it comes to snail mail, Brita brings the color, especially on the envelopes. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Basically cupid: Brita excels at all things love, from heats to happy lettering to the perfect stamp. If you order a Valentine, she’s sure to make sure your recipient feels loved.

Happy mail: Brita’s favorite thing about mail is the surprise! “My mail is usually a snoozefest of bills, advertising, catalogs (okay, I do kinda love those) and more bills. Getting something fun and thoughtful makes my day.” And who wouldn’t be surprised by one of these colorful envelopes with stamps that include Janis Joplin, a ice cream shop treat and Wonder Woman.

Pizza my heart: Brita serves up mail that’s not also fun, but tasty. And again, this pizza-and-heart design would be perfect for your Valentine.

HBD: Not everyone likes turning another year older, but when your card is full of joyful lettering and confetti, it’s not so bad.

Sunny days: It might be winter now, but Brita can help you forget about the cold days with these sunflowers.

Draw your veggies: This card by Brita is basically straight from the farmers market.

Fast facts about Brita:

  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Background: She’s always loved drawing and doodling, but as a kid her handwriting was horrendous (what?!?). Her teachers continuously sent home letters that said they could read her writing—and this was only in second grade. So, in response, her dad made her practice, practice, practice. When she got bored with regular letters, she’s just start making up her own alphabet.
  • When she’s not writing cards: She works in the world of public relations and events, and specifically for a company in the home and interior design space. “I’m always surrounded by amazing art and pretty things!”
  • Go-to doodle: Lines and shapes made with bright colors
  • Favorite writing utensil: Paper Mate Flair pens and Tombow brush pens
  • Favorite stamps: Oscar de la Renta stamps because they are over-sized, chic and so classic
  • Favorite cards to write: She loves when customers allow her to use her best judgement and go wild! “It’s always nice to get a little funky with designs or color to make the envelopes and cards pop.”
  • Workspace: Her favorite spot is on a pillow in front of her coffee table. “I also like my dining room table because I can pull out all my pens and markers and spread them out. It’s a bit of a crazy mess, though!”
  • Favorite background noise: TV. Not every show works for card writing, but sitcoms are a go-to. “I’ve rewatched the entire series of the Golden Girls, Friends, Frasier … all the classics.”
  • Favorite time to write: After work. She makes dinner, snuggles with her dogs, catches up with her boyfriend, and then starts on cards. “There’s something wonderfully mindless about being creative, doodling and drawing that helps me unwind.”
  • Cards written (so far): about to hit the 1,000 mark
  • Cards designed for Punkpost: 3 holiday cards. Her Merry Christmas Poinsettias card was even one of the most-sent cards in December.
  • Inspiration: Instagram. She especially likes following the Drunk on Lettering, radandhappy, and Goodtype.

Want to see more? Request Brita for your next Punkpost order.

Stay tuned: Each month we’re featuring another member of the team so you can get to know the real people behind every doodle and letter that’s sent via Punkpost. And if you can’t wait a whole month, we highly recommend sending your friends and family a Valentine to say that you love them. Who knows, maybe Brita will draw you a pizza-filled envelope.

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