The 5 Most Popular Cards to Send in December

Can you believe the holidays are over? We sure can’t. To keep the holiday vibes going for as long as we can, we thought we’d showcase some of the cards you loved sending the most to your friends, family and co-workers during the past month. Starting with №5, let’s check out the top cards of December!

5. Merry Christmas Poinsettias by Brita Muller. A gold and red poinsettia drawing makes “Merry Christmas” that much merrier, and you all agreed.

4. Warm Winter Wishes by Brenna Malmberg. The latest cold fronts and snow storms have made this card all the more relevant. Stay warm out there, folks!

3. Merry Everything by Jess Levitz of June Letters. Lovely letters with a hint of glam made it easy for you all to send festive greetings for all the things.

2. Reindeer by Bridget Sidden. When the sticky-out-tongue-face emoji just isn’t “holiday” enough, this reindeer card’s got you covered.

  1. Bug with Christmas Tree by Kelly Phillips. This cute little bug has cruised all the way to the top spot for the second year in a row. Congrats, Kelly, on earning this top spot and thanks to all of you who sent this card in December.
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