Spook-Tacular Halloween Envelope Art

Envelope art by Annalee Peck.

Happy Halloween from the Punkpost team! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our favorite envelopes that have been haunting mailboxes around the globe. Let’s feast our eyes on these 16 boo-tiful examples of spook-tacular Halloween envelope art.

Envelope art by Linda Nguyen.

1. Pumped. One bright pumpkin holds its own next to some skillful scripted letters and a solar eclipse stamp.

Envelope art by Brita Muller.

2. Mmm. It’s not Halloween without candy corn and a one of our sassy new Halloween cards.

Envelope art by Candy Soonthornvech.

3. Bugged out. Is your skin crawling? It should be. This card is covered with creepy, crawlies.

Envelope art by Brenna Malmberg.

4. Brewing up fun. A witch’s hangout is a lot less scary if the cats and ghosts greet you with a smile.

Envelope art by Kim Best.

5. Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and caldron bubble. That’s what’s happening here under the watchful eyes of Cruella de Vil.

Envelope art by Ann Monzon.

6. Creepy clown. Sure, ghosts and spiders creepy us out. But the clown stamp takes it to the next level. Even the pumpkin agrees. Eek.

Envelope art by Emma Lyons.

7. Black widow, baby. Sorry not sorry to every recipient who got attacked by spiders.

Envelope art by Brenna Malmberg.

8. Oooo. Thanks to all the ghosts who helped us deliver spooooooky mail to lots of little kiddos this Halloween.

Envelope art by Candy Soonthornvech.

9. Creatively carved. This isn’t your typical jack-o’-lantern. This one’s evil and gobbling up its recipients.

Envelope art by Esther Choi.

10. Gooey lettering. At least this pumpkin won’t haunt us today, but what’s oozing from the letters. Pro tip: don’t touch it.

Envelope art by Brenna Malmberg.

11. Lil’ spook. We’ve learned that ghosts come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, they all give envelopes some Halloween spirit.

Envelope art by Shannon Kaiser.

12. Villains strike again. The letters instantly draw your eye toward the Mistress of All Evil, aka Maleficent. Anyone with that title qualifies for Halloween envelope placement.

Envelope art by Linda Nguyen.

13. Going batty. When the sun goes dark, the bats come out.

Envelope art by Stacey Hsi.

14. Fang-tastic. As long as the bats keep their teeth to themselves, we’re cool with them.

Envelope art by Wileen Hsing.

15. Creepin’. Watch out, spider coming in.

Envelope art by Brenna Malmberg.

16. Dying to get to the mailbox. Ominous? Absolutely. Umm … errr … Happy Halloween, Mom. Love You.

If you want to see more Halloween art, check out our Halloween messaging ideas, which features lots of work from our talented handwriting artists.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

p.s. We’ve still got a few Halloween cards up in the shop — perfect for sending photos of your Halloween costumes to mom, dad, gramps, grams and besties.

p.p.s. If you live in the Bay Area, come visit us this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Oakland at the Patchwork Show in Jack London Square.

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