The 5 Most Popular Cards to Send in January

If these top cards tell us anything, 2018 is off to a happy, thankful and loving start. That must mean you all are just the best, and you’re keeping your well-intentioned resolutions.

You’ll see what we mean when you see the top 5 cards Punkpost users sent in January, starting with №5.

5. Let’s Grow Old & Grumpy Together by Ness Morais. Aging is a part of life, and you all are embracing it and having a good laugh along the way.

4. Thank You So Much by Ness Morais. After the holidays, we loved writing your thankful messages, and hear about the wonderful time you had with family and friends!

3. I Love You to the Moon and Back! by Ann Monzon. This cute moon and hot air ballon flew around the country delivering love to spouses, grandparents and kiddos.

2. Sending Good Vibes Your Way by Ann Monzon. These powerful little arms and this ball of sunshine’s vibes helped so many people start 2018 out strong.

  1. Sending Love by Jess Levitz of June Letters Studio. This card premiered during the early days of Punkpost, and it’s still a favorite, especially as we near Valentine’s Day. Have you send this fave before?

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