Azure Grant: Lessons from Blood Testers, a Participant-Led Research Project

Azure Grant, associate editor at Quantified Self and leader of the Blood Testers project, presenting at the Quantified Self Symposium 2018.

Small group research with participants who are very curious to learn about themselves, in combination with high-temporal resolution baseline data, is a powerful tool for learning about human physiology in the real world.” — Azure Grant
 Azure introduces the QS Blood Testers project, showing data that suggests a single point measure may be inadequate for understanding cardiovascular risk. In the Blood Testers group, every participant crossed a CVD risk category by time of day in at least one lipid output. And 80% of participants crossed a risk category based on time of day when only fasting measurements were considered. Blood Testers data also showed that this lipid variability isn’t random, but is structured on the timescales of hours, days, and across the ovulatory cycle. These insights were gained using data from very high frequency measurement — sometimes as often as once per hour — and none of this could have happened without dedicated participants asking questions they cared about, with access to their own data.

Azure Grant, associate editor at Quantified Self, describes the Blood Testers project.