Dana Lewis: Social Infrastructure for Participant-Led Research

Dana Lewis, founder of the open-source artificial pancreas system (#OpenAPS) movement.

[There’s a] perception that community, citizen or QS research is not as ‘good’ as other research. Why? Because I don’t have a PhD; as if a PhD were the magic credential that makes everything real. That’s wrong.

— Dana Lewis
 Dana Lewis is a passionate advocate of research that is patient centered, patient driven, and patient designed. The #OpenAPS movement she founded has generated over 4 million hours of artificial pancreas use, far exceeding the 150,000 hours typically generated in a clinical trial. Her talk shares progress in the #OpenAPS project since it’s inception two years ago and lays out possibilities and barriers to bringing these methods to other patient and activist communities.

Dana Lewis speaking at the Quantified Self Symposium 2018 on progress in the #OpenAPS movement.