Let’s Make Active Self-Tracking Much Easier With A One Touch Device

Thomas Christiansen talks about making active self-tracking much easier. Photo: Kristy Walker
“Your consciousness is part of the instrumentation, and there are certain phenomena that can only be accessed using our consciousness.” — Thomas Christiansen

Thomas Christiansen has learned a tremendous amount from tracking his sneezes for the past five years. His more than 100,000 observations have allowed him to vastly improved his allergies and eliminate the need for medication. But such detailed self-tracking is a hassle. He estimates that he has spent more than 500 hours just making simple observations. It takes time to pull a smart phone out of a pocket, open an app, and note an event. With his collaborator Jakob Eg Larsen, Thomas has created a one-touch smartwatch app that allows anybody to record the time, location, and intensity of a self-observation: a sneeze, a headache, an episode of anger, or anything else we’re capable of noticing. You can watch Thomas’ demonstrate his tracker in the video below.

Thomas Christiansen shows off his one touch tracking device.