We’re Not Waiting for Our Automatic Pancreas System

Ben West explains how his DIY Automatic Pancreas System works. He shares the stage at Quantified Self Public Health 2016 with his fellow Open APS users: (Top Left to Right) Mark Wilson, Ben West, Jason Calabrese, James Matheson, (Bottom) Scott Leibrand, Erzsi Szilagyi, Mikel Curry, Jason Curry. Photo: Kristy Walker
“We are not waiting. Why are you?” — Scott Leibrand

The session starts with a grand vision. “Someday data from a measurement device like a continuous glucose monitor will be directly linked to a dosing device like an insulin pump. Such systems are already in trial, so within a few years — “
Wait, hold on, someone has her hand up. A person from the audience insists on interrupting this futuristic blather. Dana Lewis rises from her seat to announce that she is already using a DIY artificial pancreas system. And she’s brought some friends along, too. In what will be widely recognized as one of our day’s highlights, the QS Public Health stage is relinquished to a remarkable group of self-trackers, hackers, and activists with diabetes who are improving their own care with DIY tools and amazing community support. Watch the full video below.

Dana Lewis is not waiting. She comes on stage and leads the group in a lively conversation about Open APS