Attributes and Game Design Insights

In a recent article we explained the utility of Chainbreakers NFTs and possible ways of amortization. Today we will explain how the attributes of different armors and weapons affect the outcome in Chainbreakers game modes according to the current state of game design.

Units can be equipped with an armor plus a weapon at a time. Certain scenarios require different strategies.

Explaining PVE and Item Attributes

In Chainbreakers PVE mode, players send their units to successfully finish quests, gain experience and obtain loot. Quests require at least one unit to attend, come with a quest level and a base difficulty. Depending on the role in which a unit is send, different attributes count into the units performance.

Each of the three roles rely on two major attributes that are indicated by certain colors

The sum of the related attributes define the base chance to successfully finish a quest. Weapons have a higher attribute distribution than armor. In addition, quests can contain challenges that benefit from certain types of equipment.

For example a certain encounter or challenge within a quest might be easier to tackle with a “heavy armor equipped healer” or a “light armor protected damage dealer”. If the units equipment complies to the requirement, chances to successfully finish a quest increase.

First differentiation between two role attributes were inserted into the game design. Attributes like “intellect”, “dexterity” and “charism” enable active bonuses (e.g. critical strike) while “wisdom”, “tactics” and vitality” increase passive bonuses (e.g. evade).

Improving Chances in PVP Mode

The PVP mode of Chainbreakers works a bit differently. Lighter armor allow units to move longer distances on the turn-based battlefield. Higher defense on the other hand increases chances to resist a strike. The sum of all role stats increases the chance to successfully strike.

Chainbreakers PVP mode utilizes a basic rock/paper/scissors logic that is executed as soon as units meet on the battlefield. The 100% win-rate of rock vs. scissors for example will be altered by the attributes mentioned above.

What about Community Pets?

In contrast to weapons and armors, the pets awarded to early community members are prestige tokens which will not affect gameplay. The pets follow the players avatars on Chainbreakers parcels and emphasize their community status to other Decentraland users. They will be also tradable.