The Utility of Chainbreakers NFTs

In contrast to dapp investors who hope for the next bull run, lots of dapp gamers spend their time engaging in various blockchain games. Smart-contract-powered blockchain gaming is still in an early stage but this young technology has already led to innovative game concepts.

Many Players from different communities actively improve NFTs and extend their collection. This post explains the utility of Chainbreakers items and the games smart-contract enabled economy.

Units without items are inefficient

Chainbreakers will consist of several quest areas on various LAND estates across Decentraland. Players who plan to perform above average in one or more quest areas, can utilize different items for multiple levels and units.

The items can be used in PVE mode where units are leveled and loot can be obtained. Players who perform better in this game mode, receive a larger cut from the community MANA [pool] that each quest area contains.

In Chainbreakers turn-based PVP mode, players command their equipped units on a hexagonal battlefield to compete against each-other. Community MANA pools are filled by in-game revenue, fees for tokens staked in PVP battles and more.

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Lending items to other players

Potential investors will be able to rent-out items to other players. This way, new and established players can increase their unit-performance for short (raids or PVP battles) or longer (leveling or grinding sessions) period of time.

One player might decide to rent loads of items for a specific level range to fully focus on a single quest area for a while. The economic part of the game is going to introduce players with different strategies.

Prestige in Chainbreakers

Players in MMORPGs are usually very curious about the items that other players have already achieved. Players who are looking for groups in those games are inspecting other players and admire certain gear. Due to the scarcity-concept of Decentraland, this might occur as well in Chainbreakers.

Our game aims to bring social activities, pve and pvp to the same place. Game design encourages players to recognize other players over and over again: The classic MMO feeling.

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Last week we introduced community pets which can be acquired by community engagement (referrals) and gen0 items purchases. We thought about bringing Chainbreakers pets to the rest of Decentraland. As soon as an integration like that becomes possible, we will add it to our road map.

Did I miss out the crowdsale?

Gen0 items for various levels and roles are still available in the official crowdsale. All of those items come for different roles and have an optimized stat distribution. In actual gameplay the stat distribution will occur randomly within certain game design constraints.

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