Baby Pet Event ends on April 30th

Baby pets are ultra limited NFTs that will be given out to early Chainbreakers community members that have acquired a rank until April 30th. There is no other way to obtain a baby pet. Join our Discord and learn more.

The event was initially kicked-off in early December 2018. Meanwhile all pets have been modeled and can be inspected in the latest tech demo.

How many pets have been unlocked so far?

The supply of baby pet NFTs was limited right from the start. Last week one of our community members has acquired the first Baby Hydra pet. The valuation of these exclusive companions is unclear because they are not tradable yet.

The tweet lists the remaining pets while the graphic below contains the maximum pet supply sorted by rank. The real token supply that will be written into the smart contract is the amount of obtained pets:

  • 1 Hydra, 3 Pegasus, 9 Cerberus, 12 Manticore, …

All NFTs will be minted and airdropped in May after the event has ended.

Other active events and meaningful synergies

The next crowdsale stage starts on April 5th. Honor granted for purchases in the Chainbreakers crowdsale will be lowered from there. More detailed information and additional changes can be found in the announcement.

There is another event due to our extended partnership with OpenSea. All community members that manage to acquire rank 1 (uncommon) or rank 4 (additional rare) until April 15th will receive free item(s).

All details in the article below.