Chainbreakers: The Decentraland Strategy-RPG


About the game

Chainbreakers is a blockchain-based strategy-rpg that integrates crypto currencies and digitally scarced game assets by design. Players are able to earn MANA tokens by actively playing the game and can strategically develop their game assets to increase their value.

Chainbreakers is part of the Decentraland metaverse and can be accessed from any modern browser. The WebVR game will be playable on desktop, mobile and VR headset.

Chainbreakers launches exclusively for Decentraland and utilizes the project’s MANA token. This empowers the whole ecosystem and at the same time opens interesting opportunities in terms of user acquisition.

The game also enables Decentraland investors to generate passive income by hosting quest areas on their LAND. Chainbreakers game logic is written in Solidity smart contracts to enable transparent and fair gameplay as well as a highly liquidate economy.

Scenes will be deployed to LAND estates which will require players to explore Decentraland as the story progresses. A demo of the onboarding parcel can be found at

Game Setting

Chainbreakers is set in Ancient Greece, during the reign of a cruel government. Players enter the world and are tasked with supporting the rebellion.

Gameplay elements include gathering suppressed slaves and integrate them into the players rebel squad to lean against the tyrannic system, claiming items and loot, and forging partnerships with other rebels to embark on the most dangerous challenges in the realm.

Stories about legendary relics and powerful items in mythological dungeons get spread throughout all levels of greek society. Units are executing orders while strategic leaders systematically train their units and acquire certain items to be prepared for more ambitious quests.

Concept Art

Chainbreakers graphic style is a combination of low poly meshes and colorful hand drawn textures. This design approach will be consistent throughout the whole game.

Audio Elements

Any greeting, conversation and quest description is translated into audio using AI based text-to-speech algorithms. Different NPCs are going to have different voices and speech pattern to increase the players immersion. This aims to improve the overall UX, especially while playing in virtual reality.

In actual gameplay the game makes use of various audio files including ambient sound and trigger based sound effects.

Game Mode Details

PVE Gameplay

In Chainbreakers PVE mode, players send their units to successfully finish quests, gain experience and obtain loot. Quests require at least one unit to attend, come with a quest level and a base difficulty. Depending on the role in which a unit is send, different attributes count into the units performance.

Quests with more than two unit slots can always be attended in multiplayer mode. Players create a party, occupy all required unit slots and start quests in cooperative manner. The sum of the attributes related to their role defines the base chance to successfully finish a quest.

In addition to that, quests can contain challenges that benefit from certain types of equipment. For example a certain encounter or challenge within a quest might be easier to tackle with a “heavy armor equipped healer” or a “light armor protected damage dealer”.

If the units equipment complies to the requirement, chances to successfully finish a quest increase. Endgame raids require up to 40 units and come with more exotic requirements.

Earning MANA by playing the Game

Each quest area is linked to a unique reward pool which is gradually filled with MANA generated from in-game purchases.

A certain percentage of all the MANA spent in different questing areas is channeled to these reward pools. A certain percentage of any pool is then periodically set aside for players that actively played in the linked quest areas.

The amount of the rewards is calculated based on how much experience different units have earned and can be withdrawn at any time.

Weapon and armor contribute a large chunk to the total unit power. Once higher level units out-leveled an item, it can be passed to lower level unit. By managing units in multiple level ranges, players can maximize their MANA income. Items can be considered a valuable mid-long term investments.

All items offered in the crowdsale were created by our game designers.
Uncommon items that max out one particular stat exist for various levels. Rare items always combine two stats which enhance one role. Both types are available for various level ranges.
Most Items that are found during actual gameplay will have their stats distributed across implausible attributes like intellect and dexterity which results in lower utility.
In contrast to this, crowdsale items are perfectly tailored for different roles to secure future NFT value.

To fill the reward pools with MANA, Chainbreakers plans to implement certain game components like purchases from NPCs or premium quest fees. PVP battles fees are another source of income.

PVP Gameplay

Two players (maybe two parties) meet at stylized tables that feature hexagonal battlefields. Those tables can be found on various quest areas and can be accessed while socializing with other users.

Each player selects units and equips them with items from their inventory. Players command their units from the strategy tables. Taking this approach players can stay in first person VR while a large battlefield gets abstracted onto a small table in the quest area.

The tables will inherit the level restrictions from the surrounding quest area to ensure fair and convenient matchmaking for players in different level ranges. It’s planned to charge fees for PVP battles that are channeled into the quest areas’ reward pool.

The staking of additional MANA for each battle has been already considered and might be implemented as well.

From storytelling perspective, the PVP battles take place “somewhere near the quest area”

In a turn-based strategy game the players move their units across the battlefield. The goal of the game is to defeat all the units of the opponent.

Lighter armor allow units to move longer distances on the battlefield. Higher defense on the other hand increases chances to resist a strike. The sum of all attributes increases the chance to successfully strike.

Chainbreakers PVP mode utilizes a basic rock/paper/scissors logic that is executed as soon as units meet on the battlefield. The 100% win-rate of rock vs. scissors for example will be altered by the units and items attributes.

Smart contracts will be deployed to a PoS side chain. Chainbreakers partners with Matic to tackle this challenge. The team is aware of the transaction speed required by this game mode (below one second per tx) and is very confident about the capabilities of Matic’s plasma evm.

Product Development

Product Qualities

Chainbreakers aims to be the first 3D strategy-rpg that benefits from the underlying blockchain technology by design. This includes MANA rewards that depend on the players performance in the actual gameplay.

Items and units that can be acquired by the player are stored in non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Chainbreakers utilizes a brand new experience system tailored to NFT technology. Each of the players units inherits 6 stats paired to 3 roles. The total unit level is calculated by combining the three role experience values.

By deploying different quest areas and dungeons throughout Decentraland, players are incentivized to travel the metaverse. This increases traffic across the world and challenges the community to find hidden parts of the game.

Decentraland users that pass Chainbreakers parcels are being led to a “hall of fame parcel” where player on-boarding happens.

Official Honor System

The introduction of a honor system was one of the most important long-term decisions when it comes to community engaging.

One way to gain honor is to purchase items or bundles from the Chainbreakers first market. Another way to acquire honor is by referring friends. Any purchases done by the referred user generate a bonus for the owner of the referral URL.

Users have to connect their wallet/account with their Discord handle to interact with a bot that allows various actions. Different community events (e.g. christmas 2018) were linked to this systems since its implementation and more events are yet to come. Don’t miss out on the Pristine Units!

Chainbreakers still rewards those who obtain certain ranks early on with prestige pet NFTs. These cosmetic companions will follow the players avatars on Chainbreakers parcels. Pets will be also tradable due to their ERC-721 nature.