Smart Communities — How Tech Will Enhance Coliving

Nov 30, 2017 · 5 min read
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1. Voice Control

With the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa and Echo Dot, we are now commanding devices to perform tasks.

Instead of having to clap our hands to turn off lights, we are simply saying “Lights Off”.

How this will be adopted in coliving communities:
Customization is important within each member’s room so the ability for that member to be able to able to decide what to control is key.

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2. Sustainability

5% of US power consumption occurs when a device is in standby mode. The elimination of this means that refrigerators can be shut down for periods without letting the food spoil.

When we are more aware of what we consume, it can become fun.

We can gamify it so that people are rewarded for being aware of what they consume and reducing it.

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3. Larger Touchpanels

The iPad has been the dominant tool for managing smart devices. But people have realized that the screen is just too small and larger touchpanels have been produced as a solution to this frustration.

With the increasing number of smart devices now being used in the home, we need a larger dashboard to control them.

How this will be adopted in coliving communities:
In my humble opinion, multi-purpose devices will mean less clutter and reduced cost and consumption.

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4. Smart Locks

Think about the times when you are coming home and your keys are at the bottom of your bag or you are carrying heavy bags and don’t have a free hand.

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5. Integration

Every device organized in a central hub (often through a mobile app) where you can easily control things like security cameras, HVAC, lighting, audio, video and front gate access.

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The Future of Living

Coliving, minimalism, the future of living and smart communities. #stayqwerky


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The Future of Living

Coliving, minimalism, the future of living and smart communities. #stayqwerky