Raiden Pulse #22: Updates From Q3 2022

Get a good look at what Raiden has achieved between July and September this year.

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3 min readDec 21, 2022


TL;DR — Zooming Pass Q3 2022

  • EthCC 5 in Paris (July 19–21) Sponsorship: This was our 5th consecutive year sponsoring the Ethereum ecosystem’s most premier event in Europe (and possibly the world).
  • Raiden Announced Community Governance: On September 15th we announced a new path in support of community governance.
  • Raiden Forum Launched: The Raiden Forum on Discourse was later announced on September 29th. This has recently created lively discussions on topics like Raiden Manifesto, Community Voting Rules and Token Listing Strategy.
  • A Growing Discord Community: There was an influx of new community members coming into the Discord server to join the community as Raideneers.

Strategic Updates

A Strengthened Partnership

This year at EthCC 2022 in Paris, Brainbot (the company behind Raiden Network) has once again had the pleasure to become a sponsor for the most anticipated event in Europe for the Ethereum ecosystem. This year’s sponsorship was the 5th consecutive time since EthCC’s inception 5 years ago.

Product Updates

If you missed Raiden Network Pulse #21 check that out here. You’ll be able to find some useful resources for Raiden as a feature-complete product, and much more.

Governed by The Community

After the announcement of Raiden’s feature-complete state, the Raiden Community is ready to make decisions and lead discussions around the network.

On September 15th, the team behind Raiden released a blog post “Raiden Community Governance” detailing the steps and methodology behind the process of creating a proposal to the Raiden Forum.

In order to move forward with such an initiative, a Raiden Forum was later created on Discourse.

Raiden Forum Emerges

The Raiden Forum Announcement was released on September 29th. Raiden has paved a way for Community Governance to empower community-led discussions and decisions via setting up a Raiden Forum. This is how we’re moving forward with the Raiden community by our side.

The newly formed Raiden Forum encourages discussions, comments, feedback and consensus to take place amongst community participants.

What Has Been Achieved?

Three proposals are currently ongoing and finding its way to find approval through community consensus from comments, feedback and likes on each proposal. Each proposal has received intuitive and positive feedback since they went live.

  1. Raiden Community Manifesto: The Raiden Manifesto has been laid out to prioritize our mission and values as we transition into empowering community governance.
  2. Community Voting on Snapshot: The Community Voting proposal was shared by the Raiden Trust underlining how a community proposal on the Raiden Forum can look like and brought to Snapshot by RDN token holders on Snapshot for voting.
  3. RDN Token Listing: This was proposed by a Raiden community member who goes by “BusinessLion” on Discourse. The proposal sets out to find consensus on accessibility to acquire RDN tokens from multiple exchanges. As for now, RDN can only be acquired predominantly on

Community Updates

In Q3 2022, The Raiden community on Discord has grown significantly since the move to the chatting platform used by most Web3 projects. The team is working on strategies to implement to encourage the community to take part in engaging with the Raiden Forum and to create and vote on proposals.

Additionally, the Raiden team is looking into Membership NFTs to reward contributors and holders of the RDN token.

Community Beyond Discord

You can also join us on Twitter and Medium to follow us closely.

If you are not familiar with Raiden yet, visit our website!

Join The Raiden Forum

By voicing your views, perspectives and ideas on the Raiden Forum you directly contribute to shaping Raiden. Proposals that show considerate traction are more likely to be submitted to community voting and subsequently to also be executed on.


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