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Thoughts on Apple Car
Conceptualizations on the future car, a.o. shared by former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée, Apple/Google/Dropbox designer Ryhan Hassan, Lyft and Snap VC investor Alex Giannikoulis, Wristly founder Bernard Desarnauts, and CaminaLab/Drivania/Shotl founder Gerard Martret.
Note from the editor

Endorsed by former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée of Monday Note, Apple designer Ryhan Hassan, White Star VC managing partner Christian Hernandez, Tradecraft product designer & Medium-staff-featured 'Hackernoon' writer Mark Stanton, Intellisystems.it founder Cristian Randieri, mobility incubator & startups CaminaLab/Drivania/Shotl founder Gerard Martret, Nokia Health UX/UI designer Alexis Boysr, Sensum COO Ben Bland, JustAnswer ML engineering manager Pavel Surmenok, logistics software company lbase CEO Andreas Schellmann, passenger infotainment company VUGO founder James Bellefeuille, conversational AI analyst Giorgio Robino, WSJ/CNBC tech analyst John Meyer, RubyRide founder & architect Jeff Ericson, industry veteran Gianni Mollo, Lyft & Snap VC investor Alex Giannikoulis, VW Digital Transformation Director Falk Bothe, Six Minute Pitch founder Shana Johnson, Microsoft experience designer Austin Byrd, car historian & published author Dan Albert, Scalamandre CEO Louis Renzo, Wristly founder Bernard Desarnauts, WMG’s Head of Human Factors Roger Woodman. Developed with 3D artist Stefan Eder, enhanced by CIID alumni & former Google sr. interaction designer Markus Schmeiduch.

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Michael Schmidt
Director Consulting at Virtual Identity. I spent a decade on automotive brands in digital, and blog about #strategy, the #ClimateCrisis, and #AppleCar.