The ReBirth Of Soviet Politics In U.S.

The modern politician was born in the 1980’s from Reagan’s success. Reagan knew the power of film and television. He was a former President of the Screen Actors Guild. He was familiar with the inner workings of Hollywood. He was around during the cooperation of Federal Government during WWII. He shows his character during the Red Scare by testifying against his colleagues. This was the foundation of his political career, as well as a strategy. Ronald Reagan had an enemy during his entire political career.

The Cowboy was our hero standing between us and the Red’s. Red’s was the popular term for Communist from the U.S.S.R., Union of Soviet Republics. As a former actor Reagan understood a great story always has two ingredients. A protagonist for the audience to identify with the hero. The villain or antagonist to give the audience a character to root against . The red scare swept Reagan into office as Governor of California. The threat of communism and the nuclear bomb swept him into the Oval Office. I remember the Russians were the I.S.I.S. during my childhood, but we won the cold war. I guess we needed a new enemy.

By the time Reagan reaches the Oval Office the Soviet’s are in severe decline. In part because that they were never the threat our imaginations believed them to be. In fact, the brand of communism in place in the U.S.S.R. was not the Marxist vision they had in mind. Perhaps, they did, but Josef Stalin usurping of the intelligentsia forever altering Communism. Their dream died with them, Stalin’s Russia would shake the world. In a moment, the entire future of an entire country changed. The most important things happen in a moment. One choice. One decision. Our moment is upon us as a country. Is this how we will define ourselves in the 21st century?

No mirrors. No peeking forward. The walk you may have done hundreds, no, thousands of times has become harder, correct?

How can we continue to prosper as a whole if all we do is argue about the past? A past that we can not even come to a consensus, because we fail to account for the fact our republic is a toddler. Like all young things, we like to play with fire. Fire is hot. Fire burns. We keep playing with fire. A fire that could consume not only our future, but the future of many for generations. Does that sound like the way to build a stable future?

A Wall Goes Up As A Reminder

Josef Stalin understood fear, he fed on the fear to impose his will upon an entire nation. As WWII was waning, many of the allies were licking their lips ready to split the spoils. Gen. Patton, held the view that the Soviets would be our biggest threat in the coming years. Instead of listening, Academics and Arm Chair Quarterbacks went right back to appeasing. They made the same mistake without learning the lesson causing the war. The argument it was not their sacrifice which ensured their freedom seems hollow. Short term thinking is a problem for those seeking immediate gain. Germany was in ruins after the war. The lie of Hitler’s suicide was circulating the globe. The Allies were thinking about Post War World, more so, how to stop Germany from rising up again. They split it up between themselves.

Josef Stalin was no fool. He had a vision for expansion the allies had given him with no bloodshed. To mark his territory, to ensure the world knew of Soviet power as a country of reckoning. He gave the order to begin the Berlin wall. He built a wall through Germany which stood for decades. It was a reminder for generations of the negative impact one man can have on the world. For decades the Soviets were our evil counterpart. The bad to compare ourselves, our gauge to give us a sense of purpose as a country.

When Did We Go Red?

What do we do now that we have institutions like their secret police, hidden jails, bread lines? That is not the way the United States champions democracy. What is next State sanctioned journalism, and art? Recent attacks bear an ominous sign of things to come. The threat upon our way of life presents a clear and present danger.

When the Soviet’s communism threw in the towel. We were without an enemy. No more Reds to blame, but instead of changing course we are drunk on euphoria. Euphoria always wears off too late. We have been drunk on the hubris for far too long. Living on the laurels of accomplishments from last century.

Think on this: The U.S. has always had an enemy to use as motivation, but when did we let the enemy become u.s.

Tear That Wall Down

One of the biggest achievements Reagan has in all history is the role the U.S. had in the destruction of the Berlin Wall. After WWII Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin began dividing the spoils of war. Germany’s Third Reich may have lost the war but they live on in the hearts and minds of cable content producers. They are on television on a regular basis. The idea that people in this country celebrate a loser. Only in a country with the luxury of leisure has the time to honor a madman. It is as if the lessons of hatred are already lost, only three generations after the war.

The absurdity of the modern with American’s idolizing the Third Reich. Do they believe they would have been benefactors of Nazism? When did it become cool to think the losers were worth a pedestal? Why are would anyone take pages from the play book of losers! Does that not bother anyone but me? I remember watching Ronald Reagan on Television, “Gorbachev Tear That Wall Down!” rebuking everything Soviet communism represents to the world. It seems we are stuck in that moment in time. Reagan was politically astute. He was building our U.S. position as a beacon for hope and freedom.

What is Our Next Move?

It makes me wonder if Reagan is spinning in his grave. A President of his own party is doing everything to overturn the American ideal. Too many people gave their lives to uphold the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The petty racial squabbles that make us look like spoiled children. Our country is far from perfect, but it is our home. Modern politics has taken a drastic turn for the worse. It is up to the citizens, we the people, to take action. Start by organizing for local races. We need to work together as a people. This is beyond partisan politics. The crisis at hand will either make us or break us. I know if we work together we can get back on track. We all point fingers. It is time we took responsibility and roll up our sleeves to prove we will not tolerate our home blow up. You can make a difference. You are the difference.

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