Jim Walker shows off one of his experimental Sonic Control Gliders in Oregon in the 1940s.

Where Did All Those Drones Come From?

Thoughts on the collision between the old world and the new.

“Picking dollar bill-sized shards of balsa wood out of the grass just so you can glue them together again teaches you something really valuable about loss and recovery and never, ever giving up.”

“A drone…more accurately known as a multi-rotor, is what you get when you take an airplane and remove as much of the hardware as you can.”

“What’s bad…is that it does not distinguish…between the 40 pound, carbon fiber, flying Chop-o-matic and an ever so slightly larger version of that Guillow’s Javelin.”



RC Soaring Digest (RCSD) is a reader-written monthly publication for the RC sailplane enthusiast and has been published since 1984.

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